Dragonfly Fragment XI

Dragonfly Fragment XI


TitleWing Materials
DescriptionYou might need to ask a Blackmarket Merchant to teach you how to create Dragonfly Wings.
FunctionalDragonfly Fragments collected by Qazri Residents.
HistoryVarious Dragonfly Fragments are scattered around Ausgyth. Collect 12 and use a unique Blackmarket spell, to combine them into a pair of Dreamland Dragonfly Wings.
Quality Green
CategoryMaterial: Combine Materials
Binding type Bound
ForMen & Women
Coin price10000
Batch useEnabled
Can be purchased from the following factionsQazri

Variants of buying item

NPC Discount Price Currency price Required level Buy limit Faction Level Rank
Freen Firefox Bronze Shards: 2000 Qazri Gold card Esteemed