Ruby Coral

Ruby Coral


TitleBlack Market Specialty
DescriptionSold at the Blackmarket Favor Shop. Once this item has been sold to the Tribute Item Shop, it cannot be returned.
FunctionalThe Falmari Tribute Item Shop is buying Ruby Coral. It can be exchanged for 8 Falmari Favor. The higher the Favor level,, the more you can can exchange. Can be used directly in a package, but Favor level does not increase the amount of exchanged Favor.
HistoryNote: All Tribute Item Shops are in the Favor Zone (2046, 569, 6) in the southeast of the Imperial City Aerial Gardens.
Quality Blue
CategoryMaterial: Favor Tribute Item
Binding type Bound
ForMen & Women
Coin price150
Batch useEnabled
Can be purchased from the following factionsBlack Market

Variants of buying item

NPC Discount Price Currency price Required level Buy limit Faction Level Rank
Black Market Merchant 200 Notes Black Market Silver card Friendly