Mysterious Fish

Mysterious Fish


DescriptionMay appear during the Fishing Contest. Will not enter the bag. Lucky Result 1: Get 20 points Lucky Result 2: Distance +10 meters Lucky Result 3: Sensitivity increases to 100 Lucky Result 4: Hook Effectiveness increases to 100
FunctionalThis fish is easy to catch if you come across it.
Quality Yellow
CategoryMaterial: Raw Material
Binding type Free trade
ForMen & Women
Coin price10
Batch useEnabled
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Fish info

Fishing exp7
Fish level1
Fish bite4.0
NoteA very easy fish to catch but Fishing Spots are extremely hard to find. Only appears during Fishing Contests. Will not be sent to your backpack.; Lucky Result 1: 20 Points; Lucky Result 2: Distance +10 meters; Lucky Result 3: Sensitivity increased to 100; Lucky Result 4: Bite increased to 100
AdditionalAppears in the following area(s):; Angler's Atoll; Appears during this period:; Fishing Contests;