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Mech Citadel Expert Dungeon

Here is a Mech Citadel 3 Star Expert Mode guide brought to you by Rain. Also click the top right “play” button to listen to Mech Citadel BGM while reading this guide!

Party Setup:

  • 1 Main Tank
  • 1-2 Sub Tank (Vanguard or BM – only if your BM is good)
  • 4 Healers
  • 13-14 Range DPS


Important Abilities: Video below for attack animations

  • Stance Changing: If you do not break the boss’s ax, it will not go into a defensive position.
  • Light Saber: The ax in his left hand will be moved to his back and charge for 1 second. It will randomly send a slash towards a player. If it hits a player, they will instantly die.
  • Drills: Randomly targets multiple players. There will be a red spot under the player. After 1 second a drill will come up. If it hits, the player will receive a DOT that can kill you.
  • Charging: At 60% HP, it will randomly charge in a direction. This skill has high damage.
  • Minion Summon: At 80%, 60%, 40%, 20% the boss will summon 3 minions to throw rocks and charge at players.
  • Energy Shield: At 40-20% boss will activate an Energy Shield. You have 3 seconds to leave this energy shield. Players within this field will get damaged.
  • Berserk: If aggro resets or the tank leaves the aggro range, it will enter Berserk Mode and continuously trigger 3 light sabers.


Part 1: 100-80%

Everyone must target boss’s LEFT hand ax. Must use LOW damage but multiple hit skills. The party must destroy the ax within 105 seconds.

NOTE: When you lock onto the weapon, the hp bar will be green. Deplete the green bar (Destroy the green bar).

When the weapon is broken, DPS the boss down UNTIL 82%. Wait for it to change stance. Continue to DPS after stance change.

Part 2: 80%-60%

GS (Gunslinger) can use their ultimate here and directly take out 5% HP. Sub Tanks need to go to minion spawn points and get ready to lure the minions.

Minions spawn at 80%. Sub Tanks need to lure the minions together. Main Tank needs to lure the boss away from the minions. Once the minions are lured into their spot, AoE them down.

All players need to watch out for when the minions charge and watch out for when the drills appear from the floor. Always keep looking at the floor. If someone gets hit by a drill, tell the healers to cleanse. Otherwise you will die.

Part 3: 60% – 40%

At 60% minions will spawn again, the tactic is the same as 80%. At this point, the boss will start charging. Position the entire party to the edge of the room to prevent the boss from dashing all over the map. Also prepare to dodge the charge. DPS start charging ultimate/special skills (need it for part 5).

Part 4: 40% – 20%

At 40% minions will spawn again, the tactic is the same as 80/60%. The boss will start its Energy Field skill. Everyone leave the boss range. Main Tank will lure the boss outside of the Energy Field. Everyone else will wait for the boss to leave the field before resuming to DPS.

Part 5: 20% – 0%

Position the boss away from the minions and the Energy Field (like above picture). After 20% minions will spawn again. Instead of killing minions, burst the boss down with your ultimate skills.


  1. You must destroy the boss’s weapon within 105 seconds. Range DPS need to use left click and right click abilities only to prevent boss’s HP from dropping too quickly.
  2. Main Tank needs to dodge Light Saber Wave Attack. Don’t get distracted by minions and forget to dodge boss’s wave.
  3. When the boss charges, Main Tank must leap toward the boss otherwise the boss will enter Berserk Mode.
  4. Light Saber Wave attack will not change direction once initiated, keep in mind your dash direction.
  5. When boss’s right hand hits the ground, watch out for the floor’s red marks. Must dodge the drill.
  6. Every team must have 1 healer. If hit by a drill, you must run toward the healer to have the debuff cleansed.
  7. When minions are lured together, have the GS use the prison ultimate to prevent the mobs from moving randomly into the Energy Field and party wipe.
  8. When the system message announces Energy Field, immediately leave the area. Main Tank needs to use damage reduction skills to slowly drag the boss out. Do not leave the boss too far otherwise the boss will trigger Berserk Mode.


Important Abilities: Video below on attack animations

  1. Spinning Punch: Boss will start twisting its waist. Once you see both legs start to move, leave the area immediately. Melees will get 1-shot.
  2. Rock Throw: Will only target ranged DPS. Randomly chooses a target. There will be a marked area on the floor. After 1 second, the boss will throw a rock into the marked area. Everyone within the area will take damage.
  3. Ground Slam: Boss will raise right hand while spinning in a circle before slamming into ground. Barbed wires will come out. Melees within range will take huge amounts of damage.
  4. Minion Summon: At 80% the boss will summon 2 minions every 90 seconds. These minions will rush towards the boss. If any of the minions touch the boss, the boss will be healed.
  5. Summon Add-ons: At 50% and 20% the boss will be stunned. Then an add will appear at one of the 4 spots on the side. If it touches the boss, the boss will have its hp healed.
  6. Skeleton Bomb: 50-20%, the boss will randomly choose 5 players in the raid group to mark (skeleton icon). After 1 second it will explode. Anyone who is within 5-15 meters of these marked players will be instantly killed from the explosion.
  7. Spin2Win: After 20%, the boss will repeatedly start spinning. Anyone within 40 meters will take damage.

Part 1: 100% – 80%

Set up point 1 and point 2 on the map using party setting options. Point 1 and Point 2 will need to have a distance of 20 meters apart. All players must stand on the fenced flooring, otherwise they will be knocked down. Watch out for the Rock Throw location. If point 1 has been selected, run to point 2, and vice versa.

Part 2: 80% – 51%

At 80%, 2 Sub-Tanks or melees will need to go to point 3 and point 4. Once the minions are summoned, lure the 2 minions to point 3. Have One Tank take over and tank both minions. Allocate 1 healer for this tank. The tank and healer will need to move to the top right; there should be a wooden plank for the tank to stand there. DPS continue DPS’ing the boss, ignoring the minions. Every 90 seconds, new minions will spawn, so have someone keep track of the time. At 3rd wave (6 minions in total), stop DPS’ing the boss and AoE the minions down.

Part 3: 50%

At 50%, the boss will fall down in the middle of the map. Minions will start to to spawn starting at point A then B then C then D. All DPS need to kill the minions asap starting at A. After the minions are dead, there will be a yellow ball that spawns. It will start rolling forward dealing massive amounts of damage to whoever gets hit. Have 4 players stand together in front of the ball to share the damage.

Part 4: 50% – 21%

Boss will start to randomly trigger Skeleton Bomb on 5 random players. Everyone needs to move to point 1. When Skeleton Bomb has been activated, the players need to be either within 5 meters (on top of each other) or more than 15 meters away. Other than that, continue to DPS the boss. Make sure to start charging and saving your ultimate skills.

Part 5: 20% – 0%

At this point it becomes a DPS race. When Spin2Win starts, make sure to move outside of 40 meters of the boss. Main Tank needs to stay inside and use all their damage reduction skills. Healers need to stay at maximum range to keep the Main Tank alive. After Spin2Win ends, all ranged return to point 1 and continue DPS’ing the boss down.


  1. Minions will spawn every 90 seconds. Have someone keep track of the time and call out.
  2. At part 2, you need to enter part 3 before 2nd wave of minions spawn (after 6 minions). This is a DPS test.
  3. Ranged DPS must stand on point 1 or point 2. When rocks are being thrown, they must move to a different point.
  4. During part 3 and part 5, melees must not stand in between add-ons and the boss. Otherwise if add-ons die while the yellow ball spawns, it will instantly kill you.
  5. At part 4, make sure your party is standing on top of each other, otherwise you will wipe. If you have melees in the party, either have him/her run 15+ meters away from point 1 or have him/her run towards point 1.
  6. Part 6’s Spin2Win requires the tank to be extremely tanky. The tank also needs to use Panacea for when the healer is unable to completely heal the tank.
  7. Part 6 is a DPS race. The party must kill the boss before his 3rd spin, otherwise the tank will not be able to survive due to pots cool-down.
  8. If the tank is not tanky enough, at part 1, use the methods of first boss by breaking the left hand and right hand. Breaking both hands of the boss will decrease spin2win damage.



Important Abilities: Video below for attack animations

  1. Berserk: After 9 minutes, Fumigator will enter Berserk status.  Therefore, boss must be killed within 9 minutes.
  2. Poison Spit: Will target and spit at Main Tank. Poison will stack, doing more damage with each additional stack.  Can be cleansed by healer.
  3. Poison Balls: Randomly spits Poison Balls at the direction of a player. If hit by the balls, it will increase poison stacks. Can be cleansed.
  4. Poison Outbreak: Slams the ground and creates a puddle of poison. Will increase everyone’s poison stack by one.
  5. Summon Add-on: At 80%, there will be 4 different color pools that will appear. Additionally, 4 different color add-ons will also spawn. Make sure to lure them into the matching color of pools to receive a poison immune buff. When the boss uses a Full Map Poison Stack, these add-ons will spawn again.
  6. Full Map Poison Stack: At 75%, boss will start doing full map poison. It will do this attack once every 90 seconds. Pay close attention to the boss’s poison bottle on its back. It will change colors; you must enter the pool of the matching color to dodge the attack or else it will result in instant kill.
  7. Poison Gas bottle: At 73%, 57%, 32%, 13%, a poison gas bottle will spawn. Boss will run towards the bottle to heal. Failure to kill the bottle before the boss finishes recharging will heal the boss by 15%.
  8. Summon minions: At 50%, it will summon minions. Then every 90 seconds after, it will summon additional minions. These minions will deal a lot of damage.
  9. Skeleton Bomb: At 50%, a random player will be marked with a yellow skeleton icon above their head. After the timer goes off, everyone near the marked player will be instantly killed.
  10. Poison Meteor Shower: At 30%, boss will look up at the sky. Poison balls will start falling from the sky dealing huge amounts of damage and stack poison within 50 meters of the boss.

Part 1: 100% – 77%

Have the tank position the boss as shown below, then DPS until 80%. At 80%, have 4 ranged DPS classes (Occultist/Swordmage) each go to 1 of 4 locations and lure the add-ons to the designated area and start DPS’ing. But make sure to not kill them.

When the boss reaches 77%, have the GS in party use the ultimate to directly chunk the boss to 73%. Then simultaneously kill all 4 add-ons together to receive poison immune buff. Boss will immediately trigger Poison Gas Bottle and Full Map Poison attack here. Make sure to observe boss’s bottle on his back and run into the corresponding color area to dodge the attack. Once the Full Map Poison attack is used, everyone needs to switch targets to the Poison Gas Bottle and DPS it down asap to prevent the boss from healing. [picture below]

Part 2: 73 – 57%

Move the boss into a new location and continue to DPS the boss. There will be 4 newly spawned add-ons, which are still responsible by the 4 occultist/swordmage. At 57%, DPS need to move towards melee range of Poison Gas Bottle at point 2 and burst it down. Afterwards, wait for Full Map Poison attack. This part is tricky because Full Map Poison attack is dependent on time and DPS. Best case scenario is to break Poison Gas Bottle and wait for Full Map Poison attack.

Part 3: 57% – 32%

Move the boss into a new position and continue to DPS the boss. The 4 newly spawned add-ons are still responsible by the 4 occultist/swordmage. At 50%, the boss will summon minions. All ranged DPS need to kill these immediately. From here on, the player with skeleton bomb must move away from the party or have the other party members run from the marked player. Get ready for Full Map Poison attack and avoid it like usual. Proceed to kill the 32% Poison Gas Bottle right after.

Part 2: 32% – 0%

Position the boss into a new position and continue to DPS the boss. The 4 newly spawned add-ons are still responsible by the 4 occultist/swordmage. Starting at 30%, move at least 50 meters away from the boss area to avoid the Poison Meteor Shower. After the meteor ends, immediately return to the boss area and continue to DPS. At 13%, party needs to destroy the Poison Gas Bottle asap. Also remember to avoid the Full Map Poison attack. At this point the party must rush the boss down before the 9 minute mark, otherwise boss will enter Berserk phase and cause entire party wipe.


  1. Healers need to pay close attention to party members to see if anyone is poisoned. Must cleanse poison immediately from any poisoned player.
  2. You can send a BM to start the Poison Gas Bottle early with after Full Map Poison attack.
  3. Before every round of Poison Gas Bottle, everyone must have ultimate skills ready to burst down the Poison Gas Bottle asap. If the boss heals from the Poison Gas Bottle, it will enter Berserk phase sooner than later.
  4. The better your DPS is, the more leeway you will have. You have about 5 Full Map Poison attacks before the boss enters Berserk phase.
  5. If your party does not have enough DPS, have 1 tank lure all 4 minions instead. Then have the tank lure the minions into the correct color region during Full Map Poison attack and kill all 4 minions there.
  6. Red Full Map Poison attack will deal 90% of all player’s HP. Healers needs to keep everyone’s HP full otherwise party members will die.
  7. During Skeleton Bomb, if a melee gets the bomb, have him/her stay there and have everyone else move away.
  8. The minions spawned at 50% requires GS’s Prison Seal ultimate for ease of killing. SM’s vortex ultimate works as well.

Arch Mechanist

Important Abilities: Video below for attack animations

  1. Rage: After entering battle, the boss will Rage after 10 minutes killing the entire party instantly.
  2. Blue Ball: The boss will periodically send out big waves of rolling Blue Balls. If touched by the Blue Ball, you will receive a certain amount of damage (after 454%, there will be a Green Ball and Blue Ball sent out at the same time).
  3. Shining Light Ring: The boss jump into the air, after short delay it will land and an orange Light Ring will appear. Light Ring first expands then shrinks (contract), this can be avoided by jumping. If hit by the Light Ring, you will receive moderate damage.
  4. Charge: The boss will charge in a linear direction, players along the path will receive heavy damage.
  5. Light Blade: Similar to Boss 1 (Spikehead’s) Light Waves, the boss will fling this using their right hand. Pay attention to avoid this by positioning or jumping up.
  6. Hail of Rockets: The boss’s chest will face the sky, releasing large amounts of rockets. After rockets land on the ground, an orange circle will appear and then explode, dealing heavy damage (this is the same skill used by the “Monkey King vs Small Monster” in Fairy Fun Land).
  7. Summon Overseer: At 95% HP, the boss will summon two Overseers at the entrance. If the Overseers are not killed within a certain period of time, the boss will consume the Overseers and recover 5% HP.
  8. Summon Spikehead (Boss 1): At 85% HP, the boss will summon Spikehead at the entrance. If it’s not killed within a certain period of time, the boss will consume Spikehead and recover 5% HP.
  9. Summon Defender (Boss 2): At 65% HP, the boss will summon Defender directly opposite to the entrance. If not killed within a certain period of time, the boss will consume Defender and recover 5% HP.
  10. Summon Fumigator (Boss 3): At 45% HP, the boss will summon Fumigator directly opposite to the entrance. If not killed within a certain period of time, the boss will consume Fumigator and recover 5% HP.
  11. Summon Slag Giant: Starting from 85% HP, the boss will periodically teleport to the center of the room and ascend to the sky. At the same time it will summon two mobs, one red and one blue. You need to kill the corresponding mob according to the color of the Light Ring on the ground. After the death of the mob, a corresponding light ring will appear. Standing inside the Light Ring will make players immune to the landing damage by the boss.
  12. Robot Grasping Hand: Below 20% HP, the boss will randomly select 1 to 3 players and instantly imprison them in place. Party needs to immediately destroy Robot Grasping Hand imprisoning the team members (free the team members immediately).

Part 1:100% – 86%

Main Tank gets aggro of the boss and make boss face the direction opposite to the entrance. Everyone else stand behind the boss to DPS.

At 95% HP, travel ahead of time to the entrance and prepare to instantly kill the two Overseers when summoned by the boss. Afterwards continue DPS’ing the boss.

Part 2: 85% – 65%

At 85% HP, the boss will summon Spikehead at the entrance. The boss will also ascend to the sky and summon Slag Giant (this will happen at the same time). Everyone should gather together in the center of the room. Second Tank needs to lure Spikehead to the center of the room, then everyone stand behind Spikehead and AoE Spikehead together with the two other summoned mobs. Afterwards, everyone stands in the corresponding light ring. Wait until the boss descends then continue DPS’ing.

Other red and blue mobs that appear afterwards need to be killed in the same fashion. Kill them and then stand in the light ring.

Part 3: 65% – 46%

At 65% HP, the boss will summon Defender directly opposite to the entrance. Defender has high defense and a high amount of HP, killing him is very troublesome. You can choose not to kill him. Second Tank should get aggro of Defender at his spawn location immediately and everyone else will ignore Defender and continue DPS’ing the boss.

If the boss walks over and consumes Defender when he is below 59% HP, the boss will only recover to a maximum of 64% HP and will not re-summon another Defender.

Afterwards, continue DPS’ing the boss, at this stage the boss will still periodically ascend to the sky and summon red and blue mobs. Pay attention and kill them in the same fashion.

Part 4: 45% – 0%

At 45% HP, the boss will summon Fumigator directly opposite to the entrance. Main Tank needs to lure the boss to the side, Second Tank needs to lure Fumigator to the center of the room and make Fumigator spray deadly poison directly on the boss in order to remove boss’s damage reduction buff.

DPS and healers should stand behind Fumigator. Wait until Fumigator sprays his poison on the boss and then kill Fumigator immediately.

After killing Fumigator, continue killing summoned red and blue mobs in the same fashion as well as avoiding Charge and Blue Rolling Ball attacks until the boss is dead.


  1. To avoid Shining Light Ring, you need to grasp the jumping rhythm.
  2. In the center of the room after killing red and blue mobs, stand in the corresponding light ring and wait for the boss to descend. After the boss descends, everyone needs to spread out immediately to avoid getting aggro by the boss.
  3. It is best to trigger the mini-boss summoning of Spikehead, Defender, Fumigator (85%?65%?45%) during the boss’s rolling blue balls attack.
  4. At 65% HP, when Defender is summoned, party needs to quickly DPS the boss down to below 59% HP to avoid the boss re-summoning Defender.
  5. When Fumigator is summoned, Main Tank can decide whether to lure the boss to the entrance or the location directly opposite of the entrance. Fumigator must be immediately lured to the center of the room. Everyone stand behind Fumigator and kill him immediately after he sprays deadly poison on the boss to remove boss’s damage reduction buff.
  6. Must make Fumigator face in the direction of the boss and spray his deadly poison on the boss. The boss will receive an extremely high damage reduction buff as soon as Fumigator appears.
  7. Must immediately free teammates from boss’s Robot Grasping Hand, otherwise the boss has a high possibility of charging at immobilized teammates killing them immediately.