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Grand Bulwark Expert Dungeon

This guide will be covering the mechanics for Revelation Online Grand Bulwark Expert mode, mainly focused for 3-stars, tips and additional information included.

GB Expert Mode is the new mode released for CBT3 and it is a 10-man raid for player above level 55.

Let’s get started!

Party Setup

Before anything, I want to make things clear that you need at least 100k+ gearscore (around 180k+ might score) to be able to clear 3star, if you don’t, you will have a hard time and will probally have to lower the difficulty specially on last boss. Also expect to be wiping alot and make sure you don’t rage quit, the dungeon progress is saved throughout the week and you can resume it with your party anytime (it wont consume the entry until you finish the dungeon).

NOTE: This is the recommended setup for a smooth run (personal preference). You don’t need to follow this setup in order to complete the dungeon in 3-star, but take note that have this composition will make things easier during your raid.


  • 1 Vanguard
  • 2 Spiritshaper (1 per party)
  • 7 DPS (Preferably 1 BM, 2 OCC, 2 GS and 2 SM)


Similar to Deserted Shrine, this dungeon is also a DPS race for some stages (specially second and last boss), having an extra vanguard/spiritshaper will reduce the DPS and might cause an avoidable wipe. You don’t need more than 1 tank, if anything, bring 1-2 blade master to act as off-tank, since they have more defense/hp than other DPS classes since they share the same armor with vanguards. For healers it’s pretty simple, you will need decent and constant heals, not only that but you might need to cleanse debuffs and SS are the best for that (aoe cleanse with green vines + cleanse from shield). Occultists can be really useful specially for second boss with their reduced healing debuff for monsters within 10 meters from their totem (I believe gunslingers also have that skill cultivation for one skill).

First phase

Once you start, you will have to kill a bunch of mobs, lure few groups and careful with the damage reflection buff that some monsters may have, also careful with BARRELS, they are hidden among the crates and they one shot people, one person needs to enter within 5 meters to active the barrel, after that immediately fall back, or you will die. Also, don’t worry if some people die to adds, it is normal to die on this dungeon.

After you clear the mobs, there will be a Personal Spoil and a chest already, thats the first phase, it’s similar to the ghoul’s phase on Desert Shrine.

Rock, Paper and Scissor

Once you clear all the monsters, you must clear the Rock, Paper and Scissor challenge by winning 2 rounds, take someone considerably lucky and pray to RNG god, if you win, you will face the first boss, which is not a hard boss, if you fail you must go to the other way where there is a lot of monsters (you still get rewards once you reach the second bosses).


Northern Wolf Child

This boss is the easiest of all bosses, he does not have hard mechanics, the only thing you need to watch out is the Laser Beam and the Front Charge.

  • Laser Beam: Easy to dodge skill, he will aim it towards someone and will shoot it after 1 seconds (similar to Lux ultimate from League of Legends). To dodge it, just hit AA / DD or Shift A / Shift D (tumble sideways) or even teleport if you are afraid.
  • Front Charge: He will do 3 front charge towards someone, easily to be dodged aswell.


The boss will enrage at 10%, he will keep charging towards people (normally he will be charging towards the top 5 aggro people, which will be tank, healers and top DPS). Make sure to DPS him down quickly if you don’t wanna have a annoying time.

Gohn & Samul

This is where the challenge begins, your party might be stuck here for hours if your party members doesn’t have good reflexes and coordination.

For this boss, the Vanguard will be tanking Gohn while a Blademaster tanking Samul. Party 1 (Vanguard party) must be on Gohn and Party 2 (Blademaster party) must be on Samul dpsing.

NOTE: You have 8 minutes to kill both bosses, if u fail the bosses will party wipe.

For the first party, lure Gohn away from other party and start dpsing the bosses down:

After that, you guys can start off. I will separate the bosses in two categories to not confuse people.



This boss will require a good footwork skills and good reflexes from the tank, the boss hit hard and the tank can’t be getting free hits that could be easily dodged. Here is an example of a good footwork

As you can see, the player above dodged all the high damaged abilities (leap and blade strikes) and only tanked the meele attacks, by having a good footwork will let your healer to help the other party with Samul, which is kinda troublesome and people tends to get hit a lot.

Blade Strike

This skill does not have a casting bar (under boss HP) and it is one of the skills that hits the most but it’s really easy to notice when the boss is going to do it (he jumps 10-meter into the air and slams his sword on the ground causing the 15-meter AoE Blade Strike). Fortunately for vanguards, it’s damage can be reduced by using Light Shield ability.

Here is a better example of using the light shield:

As you can see, the player managed to block most of the damage from the Blade Strike.


At 60% HP, Gohn will spawn 2 wolves (one in bottom left corner and one in top right corner). At 20% HP, Gohn will AGAIN spawn 2 wolves (now one in bottom right corner and one in top left corner).

Even though he spawns only 2 wolves, here is one tip to lure wolves I made for the last boss (he spawns wolves aswell).

Have 4 people (or 2) take aggro on the wolves and lure them into the middle of the room:

After baiting them into using their Leap, make sure you evade it tumbling sideways during it’s animation:

When they are successfully gathered on the middle, AoE them down with full party

NOTE: Images were simplified to not cause confusion, but take in mind that while people are luring the adds, the other people must remain concentrated and do their part (damaging boss and killing the wolves after they are positioned).

Dragon Chop

Similar to the blade strike, this skill hurts A LOT (talking about 20,000 average), It has a wider range than Blade Strike, once again, Vanguards can counter it by using the skill Dragongrip

To cancel the skill, make sure you use it whenever you see the boss casting the skill, the boss will use it every 30 seconds approximately, the skill have 15 seconds cooldown.

Here is a video:

Laguna Strike [IMPORTANT]

When ANY boss reach 50% HP, Gohn will scream “DIE” and then cast Laguna Strike(Party Wipe Mechanic). The skill itself needs to be canceled in order to proceed (same as Dragon Chop). Make sure your tank has the Dragongrip skill ready specially for this skill.

Here is a video showing how it’s the skill:

NOTE: All party members can see both bosses HP at the same time (the two bosses HP bar is right next to the minimap. If one of the boss HP is near 50% (52% for example) and Gohn start casting Dragon Chop. Don’t cancel it, it’s better to tank the dragon chop than wiping because of Laguna Blade.


Blue AoE

One of the most dangerous skills, does a huge amount of damage but it’s easily dodge able, make sure you have 100 levity to be able to dodge it without any risks, take note that the boss can start off using this skill (or any of the other one besides Healing Totem)

Here is a video showing it:


The boss will summon a Phantom and it will lock on a target and do a ritual, locking that player (and the players inside the area) and do damage until people kill the phantom. Make sure everyone on party 2 stop DPSing the boss and focus the phantom entirely (he is really squishy).

Here is a video showing how it’s the phantom:

Triple Orbs

One of the most panicking skills, the boss will summon 3 orbs (1 purple, 1 blue, 1 white) and after 5 seconds, the balls will randomly follow a player.

NOTE: You can use Occultist’s Angels/Devils to tank the orbs for you, but it’s better to face tank it and then healing fully HP after)

  • Purple Orb: The BM/SS must be the one getting it since it does more damage, use defense stance and face tank it, it won’t kill you (but it will damage 80% of your hp approximately).
  • White Orb: Does not hit hard, anyone can face tank it
  • Blue Orb: Does not hit hard, anyone can face tank it

Here is a video:

Healing Totem

Every 20% the boss will spawn a healing totem on the middle of map, BOTH PARTIES needs to focus it, it will regenerate a lot of the bosses HP and you need to bring it down as soon as possible.

Here is a video:


Once any of boss hit 10% HP (or 6% HP, I am also not sure, if you know please comment down below) they will gather up and focus the guy with the most aggro (normally vanguard or blademaster). One good tip here is to burst Gohn first and then move to Samul (Since Gohn has a Leaping Skill that hits alot and it’s kinda hard to dodge).

8 Minute

Another important enrage to consider is that after 8 minutes, Gohn will perform a raid-wide wipe no matter what (Swordmage can immune this with Ice Block). Also, after either one boss dies, the other will perform a raid-wipe skill after one minute has passed (that’s why you need to kill them both at once).


Boss Skills

Forward Thrust

This is the skill that hurts the most, it can one shot DPS and deal 15,000 + to tanks, if not dodged, could be troublesome (it is easy, just dodge sideways when you see the animation). Don’t need a video since only the tank is going to be affected by it.

Ground Slam

25-meter skill that will knock people down if they don’t jump within the range, if someone get knocked down, the boss will randomly pick a target that was knocked down (anyone who gets knocked down by the ground slam becomes the target) and do 2 high damage meele attacks, can be countered by double healing the boss target and CC break should be used if you get knocked down.

Here is a video:


If the tank isn’t close enough, the boss will leap towards him and do a considerably high amount of damage (can be dodged by side tumbling). Don’t need a video since only the tank is going to be affected by it.

HP Mechanics

NOTE: Every time the boss trigger a HP Mechanic, there will be a message on top of your screen (near the boss HP) warning you.

Catapults (100%)

[HEAVY DAMAGE] Cannot be ignored.

The catapults FIRST shot is almost immediate and there’s very little time to react. Dodging as soon as the fight starts is highly advised. Shots after that are easily projected.

At the moment you start the boss, there will be catapults on the 2 sides of the entrance, make sure everyone (except for the tank and the main healer) focus those catapults, on the beginning, the tank must lure the boss to one of the rooms corner (preferably top left/right).

Archers (82%)

NOTE: Archers spawn at 82% exactly. Following 80%, it’s possible that slower raids might run into trouble if they aren’t prepared 2% sooner.

[HEAVY DAMAGE] Cannot be ignored.

These archers might kill some of your party if not dealt fast enough, they do a lot of AoE damage due to Arrow Rain but they can be CCed, stop DPSing the boss and focus them.

Magma Squares (70%)

[PARTY WIPE TRIGGERER] Cannot be ignored

One of the most confusing mechanics, hence the need of a lot of images. The boss will spawn Magma Squares (1/9 room size) randomly across the room, he starts spawning 2 and the number increase over time (or according to his health). If the person gets hit by the magma square, it will give a boss 1 stack, once the boss reaches 10 stacks, he will slams his hammer on the ground causing heavy damage (party wipe if wearing level 49 equipment).

  • Imagine the room divided into 9 squares.

  • Once you imagined it, make sure to stay on the intersection (corner) of the square closer to the boss.

  • That way, it will give you enough freedom to evade them once they spawn without spending that much time.

NOTE: If a magma square spawns on the VG square, make sure to make space so he can freely leave that square, take note that the boss will leap towards the tank (hence the need to make space) and it can kill DPSers easily.

Lizards (65%)

[HEAVY DAMAGE] Can be ignored (not recommended).

Similar to the first boss laser, at 60% the boss will spawn 4 lizards on the room, they will keep shooting lasers until you kill them, you can ignore them, but take in mind that 2 lasers are enough to kill DPS and 3 can kill your healer, 4 can kill your tank. It’s best to stop DPSing the boss and focus them (burst 1 down then move to the other one).

Mages (40%)

[LOW DAMAGE] Can be ignored.

The boss will spawn 4 mages that keeps healing him, but the healing isn’t that powerful, you can ignore them.

Blademasters (30%)

[HIGH DAMAGE + STUNS] Can be ignored (if someone lure them away from the dpsers)

Careful with the Leaping Stun that they do, not only they hurt but they can do high AoE damage, the best way is to kill them or get someone tanky enough to lure them to the other side of the room with the second healer.

NOTE: Once he reaches 10% HP, he will transform to his wolf form.

Earkus the Brutal (Transformed)

NOTE: The following videos are from 2-star (You will notice that the boss will have 2 platforms during fights). I did not record my 3-star runs previously due to the fact that it could lag me out and cause a party wipe because of that. 3-star does NOT have any platform, all players must jump.

Ground Slams

The nightmare for people that does not like to jumping mechanics, the boss will slams on the ground 5 times (4fast, last one a little slower) and if you get hit by 2 of them, you are dead. you can either double-jump 3 times or single jump 5 times (i recommend single jump 6 times).

NOTE: Have your game sound turned on, before doing the ground slams, the boss will scream something in Chinese, make sure to jump after that.

Here is 2 videos showing how to dodge them:

3 Double Jumps

5 Single Jumps


Similar to the 2 brothers (2nd boss), the boss will be spawning wolves across the room, he spawns them approximately every 30 seconds and the number of wolves increase by time and the boss can spawn even Elite Wolves (more HP and damage), make sure to AoE them down and dps the boss as soon as possible.

Have 4 people (or 2) take aggro on the wolves and lure them into the middle of the room:

After baiting them into using their Leap, make sure you evade it tumbling sideways during it’s animation:

When they are successfully gathered on the middle, AoE them down with full party

NOTE: Images were simplified to not cause confusion, but take in mind that while people are luring the adds, the other people must remain concentrated and do their part (damaging boss and killing the wolves after they are positioned).

Phantom Wolves

HP Mechanic. The boss will trigger it once he reaches 70%, 50%, 30% and 10% HP, the boss will randomly teleport someone to the middle of the room (the spirit wolf mechanic CANNOT sacrifice the person with the current highest aggro, which should always be the tank, so the tank won’t be teleported to the middle of the room) and he will spawn 2 phantom wolves on the right and the left side, you need to DPS them down, if you don’t kill them in time, once they reach the target, that’s a party wipe. As soon as one side kills their wolf, they should immediately help out the other side before returning to the boss.

NOTE: Before reaching any spirit wolves phase, handle both jumping (slams) and regular wolves first. Having to deal with jumping or regular wolves during spirit wolves is nearly a guaranteed wipe. Resource should be built up around 10-15% before any spirit wolves phase to make sure you can burst, especially if a DPS gets sacrificed.

Here is a video:


At 6% HP, the boss will enrage and will keep slamming the ground endlessly, to kill him you must burst him down while he does the animation that spawn wolves (the 3 seconds roar). Make sure you have enough dps for that.


Huge thanks for Saintone for really good observation and accurate information ??

That’s it for now, if you notice any mistakes on my part, make sure to let me know on the comments below, Thank you for reading, see you in Mech Citadel Expert Mode soon.