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Talisman Guide


Talismans is a good way to boost your gearscore since it boosts your stats a lot. Similar to regular equipment (armor/weapon), they have 4 item rarities aswell:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Gold

They are level 50 items and they will increase level according to their enhancements.


NOTE: Even though they are level 50, you can only obtain them at level 59 since they can only be obtainable from Tower of Pain Challenge (Level 59+)

Shaping Talismans

To shape talisman you will need a Wilted Dolor Leaf that players obtain only in the first run of the week (after passing 2nd floor on ToP Challenge mode).

To shape you must go to the Fo Foxbush [Gnarled Copse (-1355, 3171, 0). Located at the entrance of Tower of Pain. Interact with the NPC and click the second option Talisman Shaping and insert your Dolor Leaf there.

Leveling Talismans

You can level your talisman by clicking on the magnifying glass under the character window, right next to the talisman itself. Every time the talisman levels up, the level requirement will be increased by 1 aswell.

For that you will need Moonshade Fragments, Crystals and Gems


They can be obtained by using the crystal you obtain from the bosses on Tower of Pain Challenge mode or by salvaging talismans.

Transmuting Talismans

Players can transfer the progress of their current talisman to another one by using the 3rd option on the npc Fo Foxbush [Gnarled Copse (-1355, 3171, 0). Located at the entrance of Tower of Pain. After that the player can unbind the talisman and even trade with players [level 0 refinement talismans are tradeable about unbinding].

To unbind your talisman, you need to click on the 2nd icon (from right to left) at your inventory

Augmenting Talismans

Once you reach a certain level, you can activate new effects on your talisman by clicking on the 4th button on the same NPC (Costs 1,000 gythil and 10 moonshade fragments)



After augmenting, another window will pop up showing the augmentation after-effects. In this case, i got unlucky and rolled 150 (166 – 16), since it was a lower number than what the item had, the system kept the 166. As you can see, you can also check the range of the item (minimum – maximum stat. 110-213)

You can keep doing it until you get a good roll like I did on the image below:

For each new effect, the talisman must be:

  • Level 5 : First Augmentation
  • Level 9 : Second Augmentation
  • Level 13 : Third Augmentation
  • Level 17: Fourth Augmentation
  • Gold Talismans also have a Special Effects

You can see the level requirements by hovering your mouse over your talisman:

Talisman Special Effects

Gold Talismans have special effects (orange text, check image above), they can be really helpful in battle, the stats are:

  • Poison Resistant II: Increase Magic Defense by 30%. Lasts 5 seconds. (Cooldown is 300 seconds)
  • Grievous Defeat II: Increase Parry by 21%. Lasts 5 seconds. (Cooldown is 300 seconds)
  • Solid as Metal I: Increase Physical Defense by 30%. Lasts 5 seconds. (Cooldown is 300 seconds)
  • Graceful Swan II: Increase Magic Damage Reduction by 15%. Lasts 5 seconds. (Cooldown is 300 seconds)
  • Disappearing Act II: Increase Dodge by 15%. Lasts 5 seconds (Cooldown is 300 seconds)
  • Well Armed II: Increase Crit Reduction by 45%. Lasts 5 seconds (Cooldown is 300 seconds)