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Deserted Shrine Expert Dungeon

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For the past weeks I’ve been noticing that some people commit the same mistakes all over again, leading to party wipes or unwanted deaths, which can lead your 3 star Shrine attempt to be 3 hours or more and it’s pretty tiring. This guide will cover all the stuff you need to know to be an expert on shrine and don’t die miserably. It is also something useful for new members that recently reached level 45 and don’t have any experience at all.

NOTE: This guide will only cover boss mechanics and some tips to help you complete the harder phases. I will not cover the phases before bosses (only adds pretty much) since it’s so easy to clear them and you shouldn’t have any problems with them.

And yes, I have enough experience to do a guide since I have completed multiple 3-star and 2-star runs (sidekicking). All info here is LEGIT!

Party Setup

For those who still don’t know, here is where you will start to struggle a little (pretty much all the other dungeons were easy during your level grind). For those who want to do 3 stars you will definitely need to work on your party setup because it’s really a DPS race (on last boss at least) and if you don’t have enough DPS, it’s going to get messy.

For pretty much all dungeons; I recommend:

  • 1 Vanguard (Tank)
  • 1 Spirit Shaper (Healer)
  • 3 DPS Classes: Gunslinger, Swordmage or Blademaster (I recommend 2 ranged classes + Blademaster for adds)

Or, if heals aren’t strong enough (especially for 2nd boss)

  • 1 Vanguard (Tank)
  • 1 Spirit Shaper (Healer)
  • 2 DPS
  • 1 Occultist (Support Heal/DPS)

Without further ado, I will start to give tips on the bosses:

Clawmaster Buri

The boss will be free from his chains after you kill all the adds and it has 3 mages that accompany him. Make the tank go in and gather the 3 mages all in one place while the DPS focus the mages (they hurt a little). The only threat here is the Sickle Hook Drag followed by 2 hit spin that can 1 shot even tanks after 50% (It gets a damage buff after 50% mark) and most people (even ranged people) who think they are safe from it, get hooked and die; which is pretty bad for the run overall.

Just like all bosses in this dungeon, all skills have a maximum of 20 meters range (Even the AoE skills).

The Sickle Hook Drag is a 20 meter range skill that can be easily avoided by tumbling sideways (if you are a tank) or, if you are a ranged class, you can dodge it by staying 21 meters or more from the boss. Look at the video below for a visual representation of the skill:

As you can see in the video, the gunslinger and myself  did not get hit by the skill because we were simply out of the 20 meter range (we were at 23 meters).

For those of you who don’t know where to check the distance between you and the target, it’s on the top side of the enemy health bar. Look at the image below:




For tanks (it’s also not difficult), if you pay attention to the enemy health bar you will start to see a cast time. It will show the activation time in order for the boss/monster to perform that skill. Take a look at the screenshot below to see where the cast time bar will be located:

Once you see it, you can tumble sideways (shift + D/A or DD / AA) once you see the timer hit approximately at 0.5 seconds. Another way of getting better at evading hooks is to learn the bosses animations. All bosses have a pattern and skill animation that makes it possible for people to learn/notice and get ready to evade it. For this case, the boss will put his hook behind his back before actually throwing his hook (like he is preparing for a heavy blow) and you can hear the sound of chains really loud if you have it enabled.

During your boss fighting experience, you may notice that he spawn adds after he does a skill called Dirt Spray (which is mostly locked on ranged classes). This is an AoE explosion that keeps hitting for 5 seconds after it has exploded. To evade this skill, simply side tumble after he casts it. No big deal, here is a video on how to dodge it:

After the skill is over, it will spawn one add that can be easily killed by anyone (they hit kinda hard though). The adds doesn’t have that much HP so make sure to ask one of your DPS to burst him down.

You should no longer have a problem with this boss as long as you pay attention to the range meter and skill animations. Moving on to the next boss.

Flame Lord

Things start to get a little complicated on this boss. Even though his attack pattern is easy for tanks, if you do not have enough healing and DPS your party will wipe midway since the boss has a fire AoE that hits everyone in the boss area (and increases damage progressively as time passes by).

Once you go to the boss area, there will be 5 witches attempting a ritual, you have 20 seconds to kill 4 of them (the weaker ones) to stop the ritual. If you succeed in killing the witches before 20 seconds, you just need to kill the last witch, if not, the Flame Lord will spawn and you will have to kill it in order to continue. At 3 star it is difficult to stop the ritual since even the weaker witches have a lot of HP, so you will end up facing the boss either way.

At first, focus on killing the witches (just like the first boss). Vanguards don’t have that much Magic Defense so they hit hard on him because of that. Make sure you kill all of the witches before turning to the boss (Flame Lord).

This boss will rely on how good your healer and DPS are (since it’s really easy for the Vanguard to dodge the attacks). I will show you what each class should be doing and the formation.



As you can see in the image (or maybe not). The Vanguard needs to stay away from other members of your party. The boss has 2 attacks: the first attack is a ground slam that is an AoE with a cone shaped hit box. The other skill is a small AoE stomp that only melee classes get hit by. Normally you would stick to the side where the last witch is at, so you can have full control and hold the aggro from both the boss and the witch while your party can DPS freely without any worries.


You should stay behind the boss while you DPS as much as you can. This is pretty much a DPS race and if you can finish it fast enough, the AoE Burn won’t come to an  unbearable stage where everyone wipes because heals are not strong enough.


Stay behind the boss while maintaining a safe range from the fire and stick to the other DPS (literally stack on top of each other). That way the healer can cast a Falling Sakura and heal both ranged DPS at the same time.


The same as Swordmage, stay behind the boss at a safe range and stick really close to the other DPS, so you both get healed by Falling Sakura.

Spirit Shaper

NOTE: You should have at least 600 healing power by the time you hit 49 (around 150 spirit and some on intelligence) or the heals might not be enough (can be compensated with DPS or an Occultist, but never double Spirit Shaper).

Make sure to spawn Radiant Whirlwind whenever you have enough Flora to do that (it’s really useful here) and make sure to use your Essence of Spring on yourself followed by Green Vines to spread it to all your members (even though it heals only a little, it’s really useful). Also try to always have at least 2 Essence of Spring on the tank just in case he gets hit by one boss skill.

Whenever the DPS classes are low health,  use your Falling Sakura on yourself while being near the person, that way it will heal both of you at the same time. It heals a lot and the cool down is not that high; keep doing it until everyone is at a safe health mark (around 80-90%).

You should have your cultivation skills (10 at level 49) on healing potential for all healing skills. Make sure all of them have increased healing 10-20% (depending on each skill) which is the first one for all healing spells (make sure you save 2 for green vines later, it’s necessary):


Spawn your healing angel whenever you can to help the healer keep everyone alive while you keep damaging on the boss. Stay close to other ranged DPS for the Falling Sakura AoE heal.

That’s it for all classes, now it’s time to move on to the last boss, Demon Urgon.

Demon Urgon

Before starting, it’s really important for the Spirit Shaper to put 2 cultivation skills (arcane arts) into Green Vines to make it remove one negative status. The boss will cast a 15 second debuff that hits a lot on the person holding aggro(usually the tank) every minute and you must get rid of this as soon as possible. This cultivation is actually pretty good for PvP also.

At this point you should have 2 skills to remove negative status, both Green Vines and Spirit Shell.

Let’s move on to the boss mechanics:

Fire Debuff

As mentioned above, the boss will most likely start off by casting a debuff on the tank. The healer MUST remove it the moment you see the debuff icon under the Vanguard’s buffs:

There is a video further below to show what the animation on the debuff looks like later on.

For this boss, just watch for the debuff to appear on the tank’s buff list. Not only can you watch the buff list you can see the debuff animation (3 fire maces) appear on the tank  if you are running on a good quality.

You need AT LEAST this setup to see the fire maces (It is not necessary to use these settings. You can run lower graphic settings but you wont be able to see the fire maces, which could be difficult to notice when he casts the debuff):

This should not affect your FPS rate at all (Unless you have a slow computer. Then you will need to pay attention twice as hard).

Here is a video showing the animation and how you should remove it as a Spirit Shaper:

You can remove it faster, I just took some time to remove it (which led to the tank getting hit by the boss) so you guys could see it better.



For the whip, it has 3 ranges, the first cast has  5 meter range and does not hit that much, the second cast his around a 10 meter range and the damage is increased a little, the third cast has a 20 meter range and can kill squishy classes (cough DPS cough). It also hurts a lot for tanks and healers.

For melee classes, just ignore it and keep dpsing while within the 5 meter range, you will get hit by the first AoE and get 2,000 damage only. If you are ranged, just stay at 21 meters or higher and you won’t even get hit by any of the whips.

Red Circle AoE

This one is the opposite of the whip. It has 3 cast ranges also but the closer you are, the harder it will hit. Vanguards should save 100 levity so they can double tumble to avoid all damage. Other people should just stay 21 meters or more away just like the whip and you should be safe.

Flame Wall

This is the skill that kills the most after the AoE skills. The boss will summon totems that will damage everyone in the map for approximately 5,000 damage (can’t evade this), after that he will shoot 3 fire balls (which people claim that they can be jumped over but I do not recommend it since it’s rather difficult to do that) that can be easily evaded by staying in the space between them. After the 3 fire balls, he will launch a flame wall that can be easily dodged if you double jump over it (You can also run around it). Look at the video below to see how to evade this skill.

I apologize for the first hit, I was lagging at the time and got hit by one of the fire balls (I should not have taken it though). If you stay in between them you will not get hit by it, I promise!

Additional Monsters (Adds)

Aside from the annoying mechanics that can one shot people and tilt them, this boss also spawn Adds. The first wave will spawn 1 minute after you hit the boss and it will only have 1 add, the second wave will have 2 Adds and it will spawn 2 minutes after the first wave. The third, forth, fifth and onward will spawn every 3 minutes after the second wave and it will have 3 Adds each.

Each add is an annoying monster that receives a speed bonus if they are not killed fast enough and they actually hit A LOT (They can two-shot people easily).  To deal with that you must lure it to Urgon’s Wrath, a fire that spawns every time the boss loses 10% HP (That’s why the DPS must be constant and really high, otherwise everyone will die because of the adds).

Normally it’s the Blademaster that deals with the adds (whenever there is one in your party) due to their tankiness and mobility (they also do not get one-shot by boss AoE if caught by surprise).

To kill them, just lure it to the fire and it will die instantly.

NOTE: You can die to the fire yourself, you have to circle around the fire and cause the Add to run into it. You also can jump above it, but i don’ t recommend since it’s too risky.

Here is a video on how to deal with an add:

You can see that the Occultist doing it got hit by the boss AoE skill Whip because he was not paying attention to the boss itself. Luckily he did not die because that was one of my 2-star runs that I was sidekicking in order to get more footage for you guys.

NOTE: The boss has more skills and moves, but they are not a real threat that can lead to party wipe, just pay attention and you should be good.

That’s it for now, if you have any question or other tips, make sure to comment below and share it with your friends. See you in game!