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All about Mounts in Revelation Online


Revelation Online’s mount system is pretty easy to understand. Basically there are 5 ranks (different from equipment, they have 6 ranks) and they are sorted by Green – Blue – Purple – Gold – Orange (sorted from worst to best). Refer to the table below for difference between each rank.


NOTE: Mounts can be enhanced using Mount essences. Higher ranking mounts will have higher maximum enhancement. However, sometimes a different potential value can over-ride these rank specific enhancement limitations. 12 enhancement is the max at this point (for some mounts).

NOTE 2: The “Potential Value” does not represent the number of seats, they represent the amount of times you can enhance the mount. Similar to how Tiers works for equipment.

NOTE 3: There are some exceptions to the potential value. If there is an exception, they will have a potential value icon shown in the image with their enhancement value. (ex. some gold mounts have 0 possible enhancement).

We logged into the Chinese server and listed all the mounts that were available in both games and original CN wiki. Note some mounts from CBT Revelation were removed for release. You can see all the mounts sorted by rank down below, But before that NOTE THAT THEY DON’T HAVE NAMES, we opted to not translate the name of every mount due to the fact that our name is probably going to differ from the MY.COM translation by A LOT. We opted to leave it blank for the time being, but we will be changing once the translations are done as well. ??

Crafting Mounts

Where To Craft

You can craft your Mounts at Mount Master Oesenne Soorti in Sidus Ur [1598, 1324, 120]

What Materials Are Needed

I will list the basic materials needed for Mounts. Please know that some Mounts require more materials than what I list. There are not many of these Mounts that require the extra materials.

Mount Philter

Mount Spirit Book

How To Get The Materials

Mount Philter Location

You can go to the Boutiq merchant and purchase boxes that can give you crafting materials and a chance for Mounts! The crafting materials in these boxes are your Mount Philters. Make sure to purchase the Precious Mount Box because there is also one for wings. These boxes are also available in the RO Cash Shop! Try to test your luck and get the Mounts that you want by purchasing these boxes! If you are bound by fate you will even encounter the Divine Rainbow Stag from these special boxes. For a guide about Boutiq go here [Boutiq Guide].

Note 1: Purchasing the boxes from the Cash Shop has a chance to for you to obtain a Divine Mount.

Note 2: You can also get crafting materials from salvaging Mounts you don’t want anymore.

Mount Spirit Book Location

You need to visit the Mount Merchant and purchase the Mount Spirit Book for 50,000 Gyth Notes [Sulan: 5388, -1398, 10], [Sidus Ur: 1593, 1324, 120].


Once you maxed out your mount’s exp bars by using Mount Philters, you will now have the option to Advance it (unlocking its final bar).

To find your way to the Advancement UI, first go to your Character screen (press C). Then find the magnifying glass icon next to your mount slot and and press it.

Then click on the Advancement tab on the bottom.

Once you have collected the required # of Mount Philters and the correct Mount Stone corresponding to the grade of Mount you are advancing, click the Advancement tab on the bottom. Congratulations, you have maxed out your Mount to the extreme. Additional effects that were once locked will be unlocked for your mount.


Mount Stones

For Blue Grade Mounts                                                    For Purple Grade Mounts

Obtainment: Augsyth shop                                              Obtainment: Augsyth shop

For Gold Grade Mounts                                                    For Orange Grade Mounts

Obtainment: Aurum Shop; Boxes                                   Obtainment: ???

Green Rank



Blue Rank



Purple Rank




Gold Rank Ground Mounts







Gold Rank Air Mounts


Gold Rank Water Mounts





Orange Rank