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Starting at level 50, players will have the option to join the Adventure League Guild. Once the player joins the ALG, they will have access to the ALG task-board.  By accepting and completing tasks from the task-board, players will be awarded with tons of exp, gyth notes as well as adventure points. Complete enough tasks to rank up and become a high ranking adventurer and gain access to the ALG shop and exclusive ALG outfits for your own collection and show off to your friends!

ALG requests are the perfect way to explore the land of Naunor in between or after you completed all your daily quests. Advance even further and take the lead by getting extra experience on short (yet challenging) missions and make your name across the Adventurer League Guild and the continent of Nuanor.

Starting your adventure

At level 50, players will receive a new urgent purple quest to complete. Players can also find the quest by going to the Available quest tab and searching it under Study Guides.

The quest will have players seek out the Sulan Adventure League Guild Leader inside the Sulan Custom House.

Complete the quest and you will now be a part of the ALG and can finally start your life as a full time adventurer if you wish to do so. Just make sure to watch out for those pesky archers and their adventure ending arrows to the knee.

After the quest, there will be two additional optional follow-up purple quests that players can complete to learn more about how the ALG functions. We highly recommend completing them.

Adventure Manuel

The first tab will be your Adventure Information. In this tab you will be find what is you current Adventure rank (blue box) as well as what amount of adventure points you need for the next advancement (red box). The Adventure Information even keeps track of important ALG related events for you like when you joined the ALG and when you advanced in rank.

Bird Tokens will be used for ALG taskboard quests as collateral (they will be return upon completion) so make sure to keep a hand-full of these with you. They are also used in the Adventure League Shop.

White Dragon Tokens are obtain by completing rare or urgent tasks. They are used in the Adventure League Shop.

There are two more tabs (Available Quests and Accepted Quests) which will be covered below.

Picking up a task

There are two ways pick up tasks to complete for the ALG. The first method is via the ALG taskboard, which are located within every major city. The other method is through I short-cut key, or you can manually locate the Adventure Manuel on the system UI right above the Quest scroll icon.

Starting out, you will only be able to pick up and do one task at a time. Achieving a high Adventure Rank enable the ability to accept more tasks at once.

*Note: Tasks will require a certain number of Bird Tokens as collateral (you will get them back if you complete the task however). There is a time for each task so make sure to complete them before the timer hits zero.

ALG taskboard

The taskboard will offer players a number of tasks to take and be completed. Look through all the tasks on the taskboard and pick the one you like the most. The taskboard tasks are all randomized and will refresh with new tasks every 30 minutes. Players can keep track of their task via the Adventure Manuel.

Different locations will have different Task Grade quests. Sulan will post Grades D&C while Sidus Ur and Fort Whetstone will have Grades B,A, and S tasks on their taskboard.

Adventure Manuel

You can also pick up tasks via the 2nd tab (Available Quests) of the Adventure Manuel. To search for tasks you will need use the two search options towards the bottom (boxed in red).  Once you filled out the options, click on the red crystal icon. About 5 or more tasks will pop up that fulfills the search options that you will be able to pick up an complete. The first search of every hour will be free of charge, but each additional search after will cost gyth notes.

*Note: The Adventure Manuel have a higher chance of procing high reward urgent quests.

Task Tracking

You will be able to keep track of your current task(s) via the 3rd tab (Accepted Quest) of the Adventure Manuel.

All About the Task

Red Circle: Task type, please see below for more info.

Blue Circle: Task Statues. There are 3 task types: recommended, urgent, and rare.

*Note: Recommended task are daily bonuses and will only reset two times a day. Urgent quests reset every 30 minutes so make sure to pick them up first.

Green Circle: Task Grade. Players can only accept task of grade equal or lower to their Adventure Rank.

Rewards: Adventure points (red box), exp, gyth notes, and Bird Token and/or White Dragon Tokens.

*Note: Certain tasks will have multipliers (red underline) for their rewards as bonus so make sure to watch out for them.

Task Types

There are 4 task types: Casual, Bounty, Treasure, and Puzzle


Help out the npcs. Usually requires you to find a series of npcs. You can auto-path.


Simple kill the named mob tasks. There will be a spawned mob at the designated location.


Help npcs locate a item using clues they provide in quest detail. Cannot use auto-track to locate item.


Like the name implies its a puzzle of sort. Players will be tasked to locate certain npc/items using clues provided in quest detail as well from maps given (must have Guidance Plate equipped).

Guidance Plate

Players can purchase the Guidance Plate (Compass) if they have not already from the Exploration Shop located inside Sulan Custom House for a hefty price of only 50 gyth notes. You will be needing this for both puzzle and advancement tasks so make sure to grab it.

Adventure Ranks

Players will all began as D Rank Adventures and through completing tasks they will slow work their way up be S Rank Adventurers. Each new Rank will require significantly more adventure points than the previous to achieve. Once you fill out the Adventure point bar on Adventurer Information tab, you will have the option to rank up to the next Rank.

D > C > B > A > S

Each new Rank will give player access to more items in the Adventure League Shop. Reach Rank A & S to wear Adventure League Guild’s exclusive outfits.

 Rank Advancement

After reaching max adventure points for your current rank, a new task will pop up on the Available Quest tab. Accept the Advancement Task to began quest to rank up to the next Adventure Rank.

Advancement Tasks will involve a seriesof puzzle related quests requiring players to pay attention to clues as well as using the Guidance Plate (Compass) to locate hidden npcs and mobs. These quests are very short-timed so you will have to be quick on your feets. Once you finish the task, congratulations you advanced to the next Adventure Rank and are one step closer to becoming a S Rank.  You will also be rewarded with a new title and see a similar pop-up on your screen.

Adventure League Shop

Players can purchase various items from Adventure League Shop using their hard-earned tokens they gather from completing their tasks. As you rank up, more and more items will be made available to be purchased.

Reach Rank A & S to be able to purchase and wear Adventure League Guild’s exclusive outfits.