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Mentor System


After level 19, you will now have the option to become someone else’s mentee. Mentees can have up to 3 mentors.

At level 49, you will have the option to become someone else’s mentor. Mentors can have up to 5 mentees.

Getting Started

Access the mentor tab on the bottom of the UI.

2nd tab will be used to look for a mentor while 3rd tab will be used to look for mentees. Once you picked a player you want to mentor or be mentored by click the become mentee/mentor tab to send the other person a notification.

The other person will receive an invitation and can either accept or reject your invitation. If they accept, then congratulations. You are now either a mentor or a mentee.

You will be able to check all your mentors and mentees on the first tab as well some other cool features like viewing your past mentees/mentors.

You can even summon your mentor or mentees at will!!! As well invite to party and personal chat.

 Mentor points

Players can receive mentor points by partying with their mentor and mentee while doing tasks:

  • Mentor quests: 10 points per round. There are 3 daily mentor quests.
  • Scour dungeons: 1 point per monster, 1500 points cap per week.
  • Chatting: Max 30 points a day.
  • Exploration quests: 10 points per round.
  • Dungeons: Max 2000 points per day.

Daily Mentor Quest Guide

Master Mentoring

Erhard Hazal’s quest. Daily repeatable 2 times (note: mentor can do this quest twice, but mentee can only do this quest once. So for a mentor to finish this daily he needs 2 mentee).

You should party with your mentor/mentee if you want to get intimacy bonuses.

You will get a token. The mentor and mentee MUST exchange (trade) their tokens to complete the quest.

Unlucky Spy

Saeth Baugan quest. Follow the quest prompt

Protect the Book

There is a book at the corner of the room. Pick it up. You will continuously take damage due to a huge rat. Must be in a party and have your party member kill/lure the rat away.

Graduating from being a Mentee

A mentee who hit lvl59 and be in the relationship for 7 days can “Graduate” with a quest and release from the mentee/mentor relationship

Become a Mentor yourself

A mentee can also do a quest at lvl49 to cancel the relationship to become a mentor himself. If your mentor won’t notice you, then become the mentor yourself.


Besides the benefit of finally getting your senpai…I mean mentor to notice you or having a bunch of cute mentees to guide, there are additional rewards for mentoring/menteeing.

You can check out all the rewards for mentoring on the Mentor Reward tab (4th tab).

There will be different rewards for level 59, 69, and 79 so make sure sure you mentees put up with you til level 79 before they move on.

But mentees don’t need to feel left out, they get some awesome rewards for being cool mentees.

*Note: 1 character is limited to only ONE graduation gift (mentees). However, mentors can have an infinite number of graduation gifts if there are more fresh mantees to be mentored. This very important.

For example if you graduate from Mentor A at level 59 (both you and the mentor will get the rewards). However, if you were to find a new mentor (Mentor B) and then graduate from Mentor B at level 69, neither of you will get a reward now (mentor and mentee will not get rewards if the mentee already “graduated” once).

To prevent this from happening, we recommend using “relationship break” option if you wish to part your separate ways. This option will break the mentor/mentee relationship without using your “Graduation” count


Mentor Shop

You can use your hard-earn mentor points you acquired to buy a bunch of useful items from Brother Two.

He has too much items in stock by the looks of it.

Acquire the Master’s Clothes outfit and lead like the mentor you were meant to be infront of all your mentees.

Follow me my mentees!!!