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Boutiq are special points that you can obtain by obtaining cosmetics, wings, and mounts within Revelation Online. You can also think of them as being Bling points.

Use Bling To Get More Bling

Boutiq points are important because not only do they make you look fabulous, but also allow you to exchange the points you accumulate for the possibility of getting dyes, mount material, wing material, or even a brand new mount/wings to ride or fly with. Collect enough Boutiq points  to buy the Predawn outfit and show everyone who the true fashion master is.

Where To Exchange?

You can exchange them at the Boutiq Points Exchanger for more costumes or even try your luck by getting one of the chests, each with different items inside: Rainbow Box containing amazing Dyes for you to personalize your outfits’ color scheme the way you want it, Precious Mount Box containing Mount Philters to enhance your current mounts or even get an Advanced Mount if you are lucky enough, Spirit Feather Box containing Fine Feathers to enhance your wings and even a chance of getting a cool looking Advanced Wing for you to show off to your friends.

Sulan – Eastern Trade Region [5435, -1447, 5]


*Note: Not all costumes can be dyed.

Where Do I See How Much Boutiq I Have?

You can check them by going to your Character Window (C hotkey) > Click the Apparel Icon > Boutiq > Overview

Can I Check The Available Costumes?

You can check them by going to your Character Window (C hotkey) > Click the Apparel Icon > Boutiq. You can even check how much Boutiq each one of the costumes have.

 Boutiq Ranking

By clicking on the Rank tab, you will be able to see the players on the server with the most Boutiq Points and how much they have.

How To Obtain Apparel Items?

There are several ways for you to obtain Apparel Items, such as Ranking Rewards, Cash Shop, Dungeons, Storyteller Collection and Founder Packs.

Cash Shop (RO Shop)

Under the Apparel tab, players can see the current available costumes in the Cash Shop and buy them using Aurum.

You can also preview what the apparel will look like if it was dyed:

*Note: Some apparel in the Shop will be of limited availability so make sure to grab them while supplies last.

Ranking Rewards

Some events like Trial of the Four Kings, where players will need to face off against numerous trials competing against each other to see who can get the most points, will reward you with a cool Back Adornment and Gythil if you are of a high ranking. If you are strong enough to be placed into the top 10 people with the most Might Score (for every week), you can obtain a cool title and even get your own class special outfit (for one week).

Five Lords Back Ornament

Preview: Gunslinger Might Ranking outfit


During dungeons, if you are the leader of your party, you can obtain rewards from the Exclusive Leader rewards. If you are lucky enough you might find a rare mount in there!

Founder Pack

You can obtain a nice pair of golden wings, 2 different costumes and an outstanding mount by getting the Deluxe Pack for the game. Learn more: https://ro.my.com/en/founders-packs

Faction Merchants

Players can also purchase cosmetics from various different faction merchants. Purchasing these cosmetics will require players to reach certain ranking with the corresponding faction to purchase them. You can preview these items either in the Boutiq wardrobe or under the Factions tab.

To access the Faction Merchant:(Accessible through C > Factions > Desired Faction > Merchant)


You can mess around with the outfits and get amazing or hilarious results.

You can take some amazing photos with your soulmate using your new costumes and the new mount you obtained.