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All about Soul Grid & Soul Crystals in Revelation Online


Soul Grid is one of the most important systems and one of the systems that requires a lot of time. It is also one of the systems that provides the player the most Might Score and it is often overlooked when gearing your character.

They are divided into 4 Fleeces, 4 Runesand and 3 different types (more information about what these are is located further in the guide). Each one providing different stats and a certain number of elements. For more information on how much element score each soul crystal gives, check this link: Soul Crystals guide

Soul Grid Types

There is multiple soul grid types in the game, during your leveling process you will obtain them by doing the orange quests (check the Available Quests tab constantly after you level up). However, at level 55, you will receive the last type of soul grid and the most powerful of all. There is multiple types of this soul grid with different stat effects.

NOTE: If you perhaps picked the wrong soul grid, you can buy other ones from the Imperial Society Advanced Vendor [Sidus Ur (1548, 1563, 183)] for:

  • 700 Army Coins
  • Auros Cavalier Level 2 rank necessary

And from Guardian Advanced Weapons [Sidus Ur (2094, 1552, 183)] for:

  • 1,000 Demonslayer Points
  • Demonslayer Rank 5 necessary

Soul Grid Effects

Players can also acquire additional stat bonuses according to the number of Fleeces and Runes they currently have base on their equipped soul crystals. As long as you meet the Fleeces and Runes requirement for a Bonus, you will obtain the Bonus for your Soul Grid. Effects are stack-able and some even have stronger chain effects. Player may try different Soul Crystal combinations to get the desire Soul Grid Bonuses.

You can see the Bonuses on the Soul Grid tab under Bonuses. You can check the Bonus requirements by clicking on the Detail tab next to Bonuses.

Not only that but there is also another bonus system granted by the actual soul grid itself. Each soul grid (level 55) provides different bonuses and you can obtain them by going to the Imperial Society Vendor, as mentioned before:

For that you need to meet a criteria written on the item description, you can also check it on your soul grid tab (character window) after equipping it


Obtainable from outer crystals and class crystals. There are 4 fleeces in the game:

  • Fleece of Heavenly Bodies (Sun Crystal)
  • Fleece of Heavenly Metals (Moon Crystal)
  • Fleece of Heavenly Creations (Time Crystal)
  • Fleece of Heavenly Fire (Sky Crystal)


Obtainable from inner crystals and class crystals. There are 4 runes in the game:

  • Rune of Thunder Showers (Spectre Crystal)
  • Rune of Earth’s Crust (Animus Crystal)
  • Rune of Spring Winds (Birth Crystal)
  • Rune of Raging Seas (Death Crystal)

Soul Crystal Types

Outer Crystals

Rounded crystals, stats they can provide:

  • Max HP
  • Hit
  • Dodge
  • Magic/Physical Damage

Inner Crystals

Hexagonal crystals, stats they can provide:

  • Magic Armor
  • Physical Armor
  • Critical Rate
  • Magic/Physical Break

Class Crystal

Octagon crystal, they provide cool-down reduction for certain skills. Players can only equip class crystals after they meet the requirements of their Soul Grid.

Where to obtain

Faerie's Funland

You can farm about 10 soul crystals in 1 day in this event(though only 1lvl crystals, to learn more go to Funland Guide.

Bounty Hunter Quest

6 rounds and 5 cycle quests. People can do it to acquire a lot of EXPERIENCE and 1 Soul Chest every completed round.

More information about daily and weeklies it can be found here: Daily and Weekly activities

World Bosses

Players can acquire level 2-3 soul crystals from Demon Kings Bosses and level 2 from Beast Bosses.

Exclusive Packages (Cash Shop)

Players can buy the currently 1988 Aurum Exclusive Package (Decisive Force XP Package can only be purchased once per character) to receive 30 Soul Chests with level 1 soul crystals.

How To Combine Crystals

Players can combine crystals by clicking on the first icon under the inventory window.

You will need Green Fires to combine the Soul Crystals. You can buy them through Horace Aula (C – Honor – Bronze Shards – Right Click)  and Cash Shop.

You will need 1 Green Fire and 3 soul crystals

NOTE(Only of one circle: either Eternity, Rebirth or Chaos): If you insert 2 different types or more into the combination, the final Soul Crystal will be random, however, if you use 3 of the same type you will receive the same type of the crystal you used.

Class Crystals

Similar to other crystals, you will use the combine system to upgrade them, however, instead of combining 3 into 1, you will need 5 class crystals to combine into 1.

How To Switch Class Crystals Into Another Class’ Crystal

Players can re-roll the Class Crystal they got and convert it to their respective classes by talking to the Soul Grid Master [Snowpine Reach (4818, 1720, 41)]