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Curious Events for Peculiar Tickets in Revelation Online


This short guide will cover everything about the Curious Events. One of the best ways to enhance your gear and get stronger in the game.

NOTE: Pictures will be added once we have access to the game (CBT 3).

About Curious Event

Curious Events are short missions only available at certain times of the day (in-game day time/night time) and they can provide you Curious Beads, which can be exchanged at the Raccoon NPC (Located at the bottom side of Sulan Bridge). They can also be exchanged directly through the Ausgyth Vendor for Special Skill Enhancement (Daos), Skill Broken Seals, Depleted Phlogistons, Argent Phlogistons and Red Tickets  as well as other stuff. Some items have a weekly limit.

For some events, the recommended level is 59 since the boss’ defense is really high. However, people can easily do it at level 49 if you are willing to invest a little more time on it.

To enter the Curious Event, you must have at least 2 Peculiar Tickets in your inventory and people can do 2-3 events in one hour (maybe even more depending on how familiar your party is with the event).


Peculiar Tickets

It has an appearance akin to a folded map and you can obtain them by doing weekly missions, purchasing them directly at the Raccoon NPC using Gythil/Curious Beads and you can purchase them directly through Player Stalls.

NOTE: The Raccoon Shop sells LIMITED amounts of Peculiar Tickets with different prices (lowest price : lowest quantity). The lowest price is 13,000 and the highest price can surpass 60,000 Gythil. Even though it’s limited, the shops refill every hour. If the cheapest Peculiar Tickets run out of stock, check it later. Players are limited daily on how many “cheap” tickets they can buy (some limitations are shared across different items). For example you can only buy 2 tickets with the lowest price.


As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of missions that can be done throughout the day, but there are some missions that stand out more than others due to their rewards and the time investment required.

NOTE: Only the party leader needs to accept/complete the quest from the NPC and the quest will automatically turn in for everyone if they are in range with the NPC/Party Leader.

I will list the missions down below:

Fish Party


The most popular one due to the fact that you do not need to kill any boss or anything else extremely tiring. The minimum party size is 3 but it’s recommended to go as 5 due to the fact your party can obtain 2 fishes at once.

This event itself is pretty simple, your party needs to go to one of the NPC rendezvous points underwater and lure 9 fishes into the area, once you succeeded, your party needs to do a 3-step process (on each fish) in order to spawn the fish’s aura and you need to kill it to progress the quest.

The steps take 10 seconds each and once someone completes it, they will receive a 45 seconds “tiring” debuff and can’t interact with the fish until the debuff runs out.

The party setup is pretty simple, there will be one person to lure the fishes while the other 4 waits on the ritual to clean the fish; at first, it’s best to lure 1 fish and once your party is used to the system, you can lure up to 2 fishes at once. In order to explain how to 2 fishes at once, here is a guide below:

Luring 2 Fish

The fastest way to complete 2 fish at once without losing any during the process is:

  • Person 1 (Fish Lurer) lures 1 fish and goes back to search for another fish
  • Person 2 interacts with the fish and get the 1st step done – Person 1 gets ready to lure another fish
  • Person 3 interacts with the fish and get the 2nd step done – party members notify the lurer that 2nd step is done 
  • Person 4 starts the 3rd step – Person 1 lures the second fish
  • Person 5 starts the first step on the other fish while party members kill the first fish soul.
  • Person 1 starts 2nd step on the other fish while everyone standby
  • Person 2 (debuff will be lifted by now) starts the 3rd step on the other fish
  • Kill 2nd fish
  • Repeat steps until you complete 9 fishes.

NOTE: On the 3rd/6th/9th fish, the Person 2 might still be on cooldown, if that’s the case, Person 3 can do the first step while Person 2 completes 2nd step (ONLY FOR 3rd/6th/9th or it might confuse the party on other fishes)

Once you complete you will receive 2 bags, one containing some Tier Beads while other contains Curious Beads and a Potion (can be converted to a map once you have 3 potions, just need to right click to make a map with more Tier Beads)

Lady of the Lake


The second most popular event during level 49 cap due to the extra chance of getting a chest reward that can contain Sigils (Special Skill Enhancement), Skill Broken Seals, and other really useful stuff. It is recommended to go with 5 people (1 healer is essential) due to the high boss defense and overall damage.

Once you go inside there will be 4 portals, but the quest only requires 3 to be done. The most famous portals are Old, Disease and Death portals due to the fact that Life portal has 2 bosses.

NOTE: Every portal, once cleared, has a chance to spawn the Extra Chest on occasion. Your party can do all 4 portals, but since the chance is extremely low (Approximately 20%), people usually complete only 3 portals for the quest.

NOTE 2: All bosses have around 1,000,000 HP and a high amount of defense.


You need to protect the NPC from the Ghoul monsters while he regenerates HP (Spiritshapers can stack up Flora by healing the NPC as well), after he reaches full health, there will be a boss that hits for a considerable amount of damage (A healer is highly recommended). Kill the boss, and you are ready to move to the other portal.


On this portal, the boss, an Ent Tree, will constantly change aggro and will slow players. This slow will get stronger according to the boss’ HP (lower HP > stronger debuff). You should not have any trouble with this boss since you can just stay still while attacking.


The Spider boss will constantly debuff players with stun, slow, damage reduction, and confusion. The debuffs can be cleansed if the player goes through the enlightening portal that will spawn after a while. It’s recommended only the players with stun and/or damage reduction take the cleanse buff. The fight might take a reasonable amount of time, but it will still faster than the Life portal


Only stage with double bosses, 2 stone golems with one million HP each, it’s the stage that consumes the most time for most parties, just kill both bosses and you are done with the stage.

Once you complete the quest, you will receive Curious Beads and Petals (Same situation as the Fishing Potion rewards, obtain 3 and right click to obtain a map that can have more Curious Beads)



3-man event. Here you need to help the little mushroom to complete his alchemy ritual. You need to gather materials and throw it in the cauldron.

There is 5 materials you need to collect, the amount of items will depend on which option you pick (low = 1x materials | fast = 2x materials):

  • Wood
  • Armor
  • Toxin
  • Bug
  • Horn

on LOW option, the alchemy will spawn 1 boss at a time, by doing the FAST option, there will be 2 bosses at a time, once you killed 6, the final boss will spawn. Make sure your party kill one add at least and once he spawn the shield, don’t DPS him at all

Story Lore


You need to do multiple quests involving NPC interaction and killing mobs, it’s not very difficult, but it is very time consuming because of the fact that you constantly need to travel between locations in order to talk to NPCs and turn in quests.

Missing Information

If you noticed that there is information missing on this guide, make sure to comment down below with your explanation, we will give you credit for that once we confirm the info, thank you.