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Road to Greatness and Other daily & weekly activities

Revelation Online Daily and Weekly Guide: made by Rain Guild.

Only Selected Important Dailies and Weeklies are covered in this guide. Every daily on U (key) is important. Please do them all. Some dailies from there are also covered in this guide due to more complex mechanics. 


Trial of Four Kings

Note: in essence of time. do this daily once every 3 days (under U it will say accumulated 3days)

This is probably the most important daily. Not only does this give a massive amount of experience, it is also a source for your purple Special Skill Pages and Ascension Stones. You also get ranked by your class and on how well you do. Top 20 players for each class will get rewards; top 3 will also get a Title and Back Accessory. Every week the ranking resets on Monday (3 a.m. CST).

Maximum regular points is 1000, however if you trigger achievements you will get a bonus of 200. Reaching a maximum of 1200 (last floor gives 1000 + 600 (achievement). Each floor’s achievement triggers in a different way. You start losing points from your regular 1000 points after taking too long to clear a stage or taking hits (again each floor is different, but this is the general rule of thumb). Maximum possible points is 18400.


Here’s a complete rundown of all possible Trial Stages. Note: For future Trials (Red & White) the stages will be randomized, but the same rules will apply.

Floor 1:

Mushroom People: Kill the Female Mushroom first. Then wait 1 second and then kill the Male Mushroom.

Seaman Tribe: Must kill all 4 within 10 seconds.

Little Layla/Flamboyant Man: Kill them while not getting hit by their attacks/skills.

Floor 2:

Bear Beast: Make the boss die from the surrounding thunder fields (He does a charge attack, dodge that to make him hit thunder fields).

Pig: Focus solely on the Boss and DPS him down; ignore the adds/minions.

Frog: At the start of the stage, run immediately underneath the Boss and wait until all the adds/minions gather to you. AoE them down. Then wait for a bit and run out of the area. Wait for the adds/minions to finish up the Boss.

Floor 3:

Energy Spheres/Balls: Get to the chest within 10 seconds while avoiding the spheres/balls.

Era Arachna (Spider): Dps the Boss down to about 1% (if possible). Wait until Boss spawns another copy of himself. Kill them immediately.

Treasure Floor:

Please see section below.

Floor 4: 

Named Target: Locate the named target. Kill him within 10 seconds; do not touch any of the other mobs. The named mob spawns near you and in the outer circle.

*Note: Being able to locate the target quickly is key here.

Rebel Elites: Must kill them at the same time. 1 good AOE skill should do the trick.

Northern Wolf Tribe: AOE down both the Boss and the adds; at 25-30% hp, the mobs will turn friendly and begin attacking the boss. Finish off the Boss while all the adds are alive.

Floor 5:

Wild Rocklings (Rock Bombers): Round up all the adds and then AoE them down. They will start to explode and kill one another (each explosion must occur within 5 seconds). Boss and mobs need to die within this chain of explosion.

Shield Golem: DPS boss down until he is low; wait for the Boss put up his shield and then finish him. Recommend using your special/ultimate skill here.

Seaman Tribe: Your focus here is to kill the boss. If you kill any of the minions they will become your ally and become target-able by the Boss; must not let any of them die.

Floor 6:

Random Class: It spawn a random boss corresponding to the game’s classes. Kill the Boss.

*Note: You will only be able to get the achievement if it’s your class.

Floor 7:

Evil Notion & Kind Notion (Dark/Light Angels): Must kill the Dark Angel before the Light Angel dies.

Floor 8:

Redstones (Rolling Golems): Kill the catapults first, then kill the 3 adds/minions, and then the Boss.

*Note: Use the catapult at the corner of the map to get an immune to CC buff.

Floor 9:

Scarab Titan: Get 4 stacks of a buff from the Boss and then kill him. You can dodge around until you get 4 stacks of the buff.

Treasure Floor:

Please see section below.

Floor 10:

Regardless of which Boss spawns; must kill them while they use their special/ultimate skill.

Floor 11:

High Priest Wraith: Must kill Boss within 20 seconds. Boss won’t attack until 20 seconds are up.

Dragonclaw Gorus: Must kill him when he uses his special/ultimate skill that sends 3 claws. If he starts to dash around, it indicates that you failed.

Floor 12: 

Cruel Monarch (Shrine Boss): Must kill him when Boss does his red circle special/ultimate skill (you will see red circles on the ground) and be at least within 10 meters of the Boss.

Floor 13:

Attack of the Clone: Pick up one of the 2 orders depending on which difficulty you want to do. You will be fighting yourself now. Show your Clone why the original is better by defeating him/her.

*Note: Pick green orb for normal difficulty, but will only give 200 achievement points.

*Note: Pick purple orb for hard mode, which gives 600 point achievement points.

*Treasure Floors:

Chests: Open all chests ( 8 regular, 4 large and 2 grand) within the 1 minute time frame. Ignore the adds/minions if you can by dashing. Once you used up your dash bar, you can kill the minions. You also can use skills to get around.

Note: The two grand chests will spawn at the very corners of the stage (one next to the NPC and one diagonally from the NPC). Use this info to plan according to the order in which to open your large chests.

Gremlins: Take the 2 buffs (1 on the ground and 1 on top of the platform) ASAP. Kill the adds/minions while getting your buffs; finish off the adds/minions after you get the 2 buffs. Then kill the Boss in center.

Note: It’s wise to charge up your special/ultimate skills bars here for next stage.

Here is a sample run by one of our guild members.

Guardian Trials:

Note: in essence of time. do this daily once every 3 days (under U it will say accumulated 3days)

At level 35 you will unlock this daily for misty hollows. At lvl50 you will unlock Tower of Pain version. You can only do one of these. So if your lvl50+ do the Tower of Pain one.

Hot Spring:

Buy food and wine to gain social experience (crafting experience) and character experience.

Food increases social experience, while wine increases character experience. The experience you gain depends on the item ranking.

Note some foods/wines last 30 minutes. Most food/wine last 15 minutes. A 30 minute green food will give you about the same experience as a 15 minute purple food. 

You can get food/wine through crafting (15 min version), bosses, or you can just buy the blue rank version from the NPC outside of the Hot Spring entrance.

Scour Dungeons: 

Press U to access scour dungeons

Scour Dungeons are meant to help players level up. You will get thousands of exp per kill, but you are only given a limited amount of kills each day.

Each scour dungeon has multiple floors. Going deeper into the floors will increase the level of mobs:

Sunken: 2 floors (level 20-40)

Oneiric Trials: 4 floors (level 40-60)

Mecha: 2 floors (level 60+)

Remember to also drink your teas daily. The teas that you can buy from the NPC cost 10k Gyhtil and will decrease your monster count by 30. Quests, login bonuses, and crafted teas can decrease your monster count by 50 or more.

This is also a good place to use your weekly double exp time.


Disc Hop (Jumping Quest):

This is basically what the title says it is, you jump and collect quests on each pedestal. Completing the quests give you experience stones.

Here is a video showing you what to do.


Sulan Comerce Quest

[LEVEL 50]

Sulan Commerce is an essential AND daily AND mandatory quests for all players, it rewards the player with Commerce Cash (For guild funds), Excelsior, Ascension Stones Fragments and Faction Favor/Honors.

It is a long quest (20-30min long) and it’s wise to do it while doing something else on real world (eating, homework, etc.)


First Part

Players can pickup the quest on the west of Sulan

Once you reach the boat, you will notice that there is a quest

Once you take the quest, you can mount the camel right next to the NPC

After that, go to the bridge and wait until the boat arrives

Now sit and relax and wait until you reach your next destination.

NOTE: You will be notified once the ship arrived to the destination, the icon will shine like this:

Second Part

The next destination is Sidus Ur, just wait the boat to arrive to the platform and turn in the quest, you will be moved to another place, get your camel and board the new ship (bigger this time)

Just AFK there for a couple minutes, you will soon arrive to the next place.

Third Part

The destination now is Fort Whetstone, this time, you turn in the quest and RETURN TO THE SAME SHIP. It will sail after 1-2 minutes.

Forth Part

You will go back to Sidus Ur, once you arrive there, turn in the quest and you should get your reward.


  • Tons of Excelsior
  • Tons of Faction Honor/Favor
  • Commerce Cash (Guild Fealty)
  • Ascension Stone Fragments

Wind Runner Daily: 

Everyday 12:00 – 23:30


This is a timed mission. Once you start the quest, the timer starts and you need to run like Mario. Hop, Step, and Jump to the finish line. System will generate balls on the way and you can jump like Mario to gain buffs or debuffs. This daily is RANKED. Reward will be given out at the end of every week. This means if you’re good enough, you will receive ranking rewards for placing top 10. P.S. if it takes you more than 6 minutes, you’re part of the baddie club. Debuffs are listed in RED and buffs are listed as BLUE in the picture below.

Suggestion: Take only Blue and Green Orb. 


Daily Faction Green REP

You can access them by clicking it on the mini map or by pressing C–>Faction. Click on each individual Faction –> Faction Quests –>Famous Across. Faction Rep quests give faction exp and faction honor. Faction honor is usually used to buy Ascension Stones (you can buy 2 every week per faction). These quests are straight forward, just click and go.


Daily Faction Event Quests

These events happen every hour across the map. It usually starts with a monster/boss invading the faction’s town. Players work together to kill the boss/monsters. The instructions are in your quest tab (orange tab). The more you do/contribute, the more honor and fame experience you get.


Deathly Atoll

It’s a daily quest located under the daily menu (U) that players can freely access, people can zip to the entrance by clicking on the shoe icon.

There is 2 daily quests and 1 weekly, all three will be disclosed here to avoid splitting information. You will need to pick up the quests from the npc outside of the portal before entering the portal. Quests can only be completed during 19:00-24:00 server-time.

Make sure to be in party/group when doing them. This is by no means a solo thing.


Darkscale Spirit

Players need to get 3 of an item (Darkscale Spirit) that you get from killing mobs and turning in to the quest npc that can be founded all throughout Deathly Atoll.

Each player is required to collect 3 Darkscale Spirits. A party of 5 will need to collect 15 Darkscale Spirit (3 per player). The item is not party-shared.

Kill Mountain Leviathans for highest drop chance for Darkscale Spirit and other goodies. However, beware these mobs are quite deadly and require a strong party to defeat them.

Picking up a Darkscale Spirit will make a icon spawn over your head indicating how many Darkscale Spirits you have at hand. If you are killed while having Darkscale Spirit in your bag, they will all drop from your bag and other players can to pick them up.

Pirate Loot

You will be required to locate Pirate Loot boxes scattered around Deathly Atoll and then pick them up and bring them to one of the quest npcs.

If you are killed whiling transporting the box, the box will drop and other players will be able to pick it up.

Mystery Treasure (weekly)

You will be tasked to kill the Mountain Leviathan King at the center of the map for a box.

A huge box will spawn after the Mountain Leviathan King dies, allowing all members who participated to pick it up. Like Pirate Loot quest, you will be required to carry the box to the quest npc.

The boss will also drop lots of awesome loots for players including  soul crystals, mittites and other stuff.


Exploration Quests

There are 3 different Exploration quests available. Players will be able to unlock the first Exploration Quest starting as early as level 20 and will be able unlock two more additional ones as they progress further (level 30 and 50). These weekly quests can be found under Common Livelihoods.

Make sure to party up with up to 4 other people to get TONs of exp. from these quests, each additional person will increase the amount exp. rewarded for each quest completion.

In addition to partying up with others, players can also purchase useful item from the Cash Store called Journey From Lampyr, which double the amount the exp. received from the completion of Exploration related quests for 30 minutes. Combine this with with a full party and you will find Exploration quests to be the simplest and fastest method to gain tremendous amounts of exp.

Journey from Lampyr can be bought using Aurum in single or a 12 pack bundle (for the price of 10).

 Baby (Sulan lvl20): Seafarer’s Wharf(5897, -1966, 4)

 Ragnal Thanes (Lampyr Creek lvl30): Bamboo Path(5468, -428, 2)

 Kaiya Padley (Karstad lvl50): Fort Whetstone(-2270, 851, 81)

Level 35 Bounty Quest:

ONLY the leader should get the quest and complete it. For every person in the party you get +100% experience. Up to FIVE TIMES more experience than if you solo it.

Quest basically sends you to 5 different NPCs and at each NPC there is a quest that spawns 3-5 monsters. Kill those monsters and turn it in. This quest has 6 rounds and 5 cycles (repeatable 5 times). This quest gives soul crystals.



Merit Quest:

This is a weekly quest (can be done 3 times). press C–>Honor–>right click on Imperial Merit to bring you to the quest NPC.


This quest requires you to “carry” newbies. You need to bring a “mentee/newbie” to a dungeon of his level and clear it for the quest to trigger. This quest can be for experience if you pick the Guidance Experience Medal (highly recommend), also for Imperial Merit which we all desperately need and some sweet guild resource rewards.

Mentor/Mentee relationship:

It is dungeon dependent. The mentee must be within the dungeons level specification. Below is just an estimate, not always true.

If you’re level 30+ you can carry anyone up to level 29.

If you’re level 40+ you can carry anyone up to level 39 (however level 30s only work for level 30 dungeons. Level 20 dungeon will still require a level 20 to work)

If you’re level 50+ you can carry anyone up to level 49 …. and so on…


Special Event Time Table


Angler Cup (fishing): 9 pm EST  (practice rounds at 9 am, 1 pm, 5 pm est)


Battlefield-Deathmatch (1v1): 9 pm EST (requires registration before 9 pm at the event page O, at 9 pm requires manual queue)

Faerie’s Funland: 7 am – 0:30 am EST


Battlefield-Deathmatch (1v1): 11 pm EST (requires registration before 11 pm at the event page O, at 11 pm requires manual queue)

Ninefold Assault: 11 pm – 11:20 pm EST


Snowpine Crag: 8:45 pm – 10 am EST




Egg Login Event: Entire day

Egg Hunt: 11 Am – 9 pm EST (10:30 pm EST will spawn bonus egg)

Territory War: 9 pm – 11 Pm EST

Show the Way (little mushroom NPCs will be spawned, find them and bring them back): 11 pm – 7 pm EST

Faerie’s Funland: 7 am – 0:30 am EST


Trivia God (quiz event): 10 am – 7 pm EST (preliminary round require certain amount of points for finals). 7:10 pm – 7:30 pm final round.

Egg Login event: entire day

Egg Hunt: 11 am – 9 pm EST (8:30 pm EST will spawn bonus egg)

Trivia Guide: 1 am – 7 pm EST

Snowpine Crag: 8:45 pm – 10 am EST