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Revelation Online Guild Guide: Made by Rain Guild.

Guild Daily:

This is the most important daily in your guild base. It gives a ton of experience and also civilization pages (guild resource) for your guild. The first step of the daily will ask you to serve drinks to the NPCs inside the tavern, but make sure to also recommend the NPC for an extra 10 contribution points. To serve the drink you need to sit down in the chair and press serve. After that, you get off the chair and talk to the NPC to recommend him.


One of the quest rounds requires you to get Shiitake Tarts, you can buy this item at the NPC next to the quest giver.

The rest of the quest chain is simple and direct. Just follow the marker. At the last round, you either need to lover’s lift (N–>expression emote), duel, or “trick” a guild-mate. If you get “trick,” the item is in your inventory –>quest bag. You can use this item on the Fox Lady NPC or on a guild-mate.

Donating Wood

Daily people can collect 6 woods per day and donate to the guild in order to increase the guild wood resource and acquire some fealty, extremely important on the early game. Wood can be found on the felling site:

There should be some trees that can be cut right beside the teleport:

Run, Brother! (Guild Quest)

For this quest, you need 8 players together for better chances of completing. Take note that there is 2 different quests (1 daily and 1 weekly), they both share same mechanics where people needs to work together to complete it.

Players will need to take the quest on the Circuit Registration NPC (located near the tavern) at the same time, after that, the players need to follow each other within 5 meters to receive a speed buff that can be stacked 8 times. This quest needs cooperation with everyone, for that, DISCORD IS ESSENTIAL!

To increase the chances of completing, please make use of the raid marks and icons as well (on the leader and where people needs to gather. Check the image below.

Again, this is a cooperation quest, we need people working together to complete it, once you take the quest, make sure everyone else took the quest as well, after that, do NOT let it go from the W keyboard, take in mind that there is delay and players are not where they usually are displayed in the game. For more info, check the video below:


Guild Bulletin:

There are 4 types of bulletins here.

Comfort NPC Bulletin– This one can be done up to 3 times a day. This bulletin does not give experience, but it will decrease the fatigue of NPCs. If NPCs are fatigued they don’t work as well. You will receive a quest item from this quest. Open your inventory, then go to QUEST tab and then right click the item while selecting the NPC. You can usually find these NPCs around the guild base, or try the NPC resident area.

Construction Bulletin– each player can do these 4 times a day per building to help speed up the construction of a guild building. Only available if the guild is building something. This bulletin rewards blue book pages.

Exploration Bulletin– each player can do these (3 or 4) times a day to help speed up the exploration of guild base. New guild bases need to be explored before unlocking new land to build new buildings. Only available if the guild has an exploration job up. This quest rewards a good amount of experience along with blue book pages.

Guild Challenge Bulletin– the quest you get from this is random and changes everyday. This one gives a lot more experience and pink book pages. This bulletin is Highly Recommended do along with guild daily.

Guild Challenge Bulletin Quest guide:

Only selected guild challenge bulletin are covered due to the difficulty. Some are skipped because it is straightforward.

 Wolf Treasure:

Grab a guild-mate and have him lure the wolf away. Then you can get the chest and turn it in. Your guild-mate must be in the same party as you otherwise he won’t see the wolves. If you start the quest before he’s in the party, drop the quest and retake it so he can see the wolves.

This quest is possible to solo, but it takes timing and some skill.

Defend Against Alien Dandan: Puppy Mode

You need to stand between 2 lanes and spam press 1. Do not stand in the lanes. Stand between the lanes so you can kill 2 lanes at the same time. The 3 stars in the picture is where you should stand.


Get on the cannon and shoot the animals using 1, 2, 3 keys. 1 is short range, 2 is medium range and 3 is long range. After you shoot all the animals, press F8 to get out and turn in the quest. You have 5 minutes to complete the quest.

Tips & Tricks: Target and spam 1,2,3 on CD. Eventually you will get the right one.

Nimble Fingers

You need to get 13/13 of fish. You start out with 3. To gain fish, you need to talk to the 3 raccoon NPCs. First one gives the most fish. First chest will allow you to subtract 1 fish (in case you have more than 13 fish). The last chest will reset your fish count back to 3.

Tips & Tricks: Talk to each raccoon once, you should be done. If you’re over, use the subtract chest. If you’re under, talk to the 3rd raccoon again.

Catch the Frogs

Catch the frogs around the area. These frogs de-spawn pretty fast. You will have to capture the frogs right when they spawn. So press F immediately. You may need to memorize the general spots where they spawn to have an easier time. This one is very RNG-based.

Animal Matching

Player must open the GIFT box first and wait a little (0.2sec is enough) to get that animal buff, the box will contain one of the 4 animals, after that, player must open the TARGET GIFT and, if the animal is the same, player must interact (default keybinding is F) to match them and be done.

Tips & Tricks: Open all the red boxes first and memorize whats in each one of them. Them pick and open a green box (get 1 stack of buff). Then wait for the same box to respawn and open it again (2 stacks of buffs). Then run and open the correct red box. Run to the animal that spawns and click on it (press F).

NOTE: It might take you a while to do it, also, if you get the error “All systems busy”, you will need to redo it.

Tortuous Planner (Guild Treasure Hunt):

There is a blue quest chain located inside the guild base that will require you to obtain 3 items. You get these from combining 9 items that are located in chests that are scattered all throughout the guild base. Completion of the quest chain will grant the player a Title.

Below are the approximate coordinates where the chests could be found. You will need to look around for some of the chests as they are either well-hidden or underwater.

Guild Boss: 

Scour Dungeon spawns guild bosses every hour.

The purpose of these bosses is to complete the daily quest that gives Siderites, which is a guild resource that guilds need to level up.

To enter this area, you will need to buy a Master Token (cost 15k gythil). There is a NPC that sells these tokens right outside of each scour dungeon entrance.


Once you buy the ticket, enter the portal. Click the 2nd option. It will ask for confirmation. Please note this ticket/pass will last for an entire day until reset at 5 am.

Once you enter, look for the NPC who has the quest. It is a Green quest.

Once you accept the quest, talk to the mirror/orb like thing next to the NPC. Press F to enter.

This portal opens at xx:00 until xx:10. This portal is only up for 10 minutes, or until boss is dead (which ever is sooner).

If the boss kills you, you can re-spawn outside, but make sure 10 minutes hasn’t passed. Otherwise use “revival here” or wait for someone to revive you.

Once the boss is dead, you will be teleport-ed out of this area in 2 minutes. So make sure you pick up the loot boxes for your quest.

The loot boxes are free for all and drops about 15-20 of them. The chest contains the quest item you need to complete the quest.

Getting to Mecha or any other scour dungeon

Guild Benefits:

Noble Treasury

use guild contribution to purchase items from the guild. Items range from teleport resets, master tickets, guild related goods, experience items, buffs, and others. Higher level building will unlock more items for sale and better items.

Cultivation Space

In Dept Guide Here

two NPCs. 1 trains your stats. 1 trains your skills. Special Skill Instructor NPC will train your Ultimate Skills (gives it experience to level up) once a day for a fee of 60 contribution points. The training progress is a 1 hour buff.

NOTE: you need to manually level up ultimate skills. If you do not level up the skill, the buff still goes down but you won’t get additional skill experience since your experience is maxed.

The Cultivation NPC will give you various stats (picture below).


Training those stats requires guild contribution and guild resources gained from doing guild dailies, bulletins, and noble treasury. Higher level building increases maximum trainable stat (members start with 0, until it is “trained/purchased” with guild contribution points). Higher level also unlocks more stat types from accuracy, critical, critical damage, critical defense, player damage, monster damage, ect.  NOTE: It will cost 300k + fealty to max these stats. Do all your daily guild quests, bulletins, and donations to steadily farm your fealty. 

Tower of Loyalty:

Talk to a NPC to spin the wheel and gain buffs.

You can get 3 buffs initially. Higher level building will allow 5 buffs and also strong buff effects.

Buffs range from attack, defense, critical, dodge. These buffs last until server reset (entire day) and cost guild contribution points to obtain. You can spin the wheel a total of 10 times and change what buff you get from it.


Daily-weekly event. Triggered by guild officers. This building has multiple types of events. Ranging from experience event (similar to Hot Spring) to boss battles (with loot).

Secondary Skills:

Higher level guilds also unlock more secondary skills. Press N–>secondary to access your current skills. These skills include teleporting to home (sulan), teleport to guild base, teleport to NPCs (shoe icon), and summoning party members. Higher level skills decrease the cool-down of these skills.

Stipend NPC:

Guild leaders can also reward members by allocating them a “stipend.” The stipend can be Gythils to Aurum (cash shop currency). If you’re one of the hard working few who get awarded, head over to the stipend NPC to collect your reward.

Guild Merchant Run

This is a 5-chain mandatory quest for guild members that was implemented in CBT 2. It is a really important system that will allow us to get ahead of people easily. It’s an easy system to learn and not too difficult to understand. The time consumed on this quest is between 120 minutes (regular camel) to 40 minutes (gold car merchant mount), a perfect time to do it while eating or something like that.

You basically need to sell merchandise to other region’s merchants, here is what they look like:


The quest itself will provide rewards for both the player and the guild, hence the importance of this quest. You probably may not know, but the guild is the most important thing in this game. Considering the amount of character boosts, buffs and rewards you can get from having a really good guild (hey that’s us hehe).


  • 220 Fealty (Player Reward)
  • 80,000 Gyth Notes to Guild Bank


You can apply to the guild base by talking to the NPC right next to the portal and selecting the first option. After you apply, you will notice that you will have a commerce icon under the Members Tab (Ctrl + G > Members).

NOTE: Currently on CBT 3 the guild can hold 5 merchants at the same time, for OBT early stages there will only be 3 at the same time.


The quest is pretty simple, you will take 5,000 Gyth Notes from the guild bank (don’t worry you cant abuse it, we tried hehe) and you gotta turn it into 18,000 Gyth Notes at least by selling merchandise around Nuanor.

Once you accept the quest, you will receive a Camel Beast and a Folded Map with the locations of all the merchants around the world:

Use the camel and you can buy stuff from the merchants and use the scroll remotely:

Once you open the scroll, you should see this window listing all merchants from all countries:


During this quest you will notice that some merchandise will have “Over-Pro” and “Under-Pro”, which basically means Over Profit and Under Profit. You should ALWAYS buy merchandise with Over-Profit and NEVER with Under-Profit. If there isn’t any Over-Profit, just buy the most expensive one and then, if you still have money, buy the cheapest one. Here is a video if you did not get it:

After that, you are ready to go.


For this guide we will be focusing on the Eastern Trade Region. If you know any other road, pm me in discord/in-game so I can implement it here.

After you pick up the quest, you will be following this:

  1. Start at Sulan and spend all money on the merchandise
  2. Move from Sulan to West Bearworld
  3. Sell all merchandise at West Bearworld (you should have 10,000 by now) and spend all money on new merchandise at West Bearworld
  4. Move to Eventide Bay
  5. Sell all merchandise and complete the quest

After that, you will complete the quest. Go back to the guild base and complete the quest:

NOTE: If you somehow don’t complete the quest, spend all your money and sell them at Tiderwater Village

Faction ID Cards

Every time you complete 1 quest, you will gain faction points. You can get a better mounts when you reach Silver ID and Gold ID. They can be bought at the same NPC you buy Guild Clothes and Plumblossom Fruit in the guild base (near the tavern).

Character Cultivation

Character Cultivation is a system that allows new players to get stronger by demonstrating their dedication towards their current guild, it is divided into 3 sections that gives different stats:

  • Life Force
  • Battlefield
  • Fire Plume

Unlocking Character Cultivation

To unlock your character cultivation, you will need to upgrade the Cultivation Space in the guild base by having the materials and funds necessary in order to do so. Not only that, but you will need more funds and materials to unlock the possibility of members to collect their character cultivation.


Everytime a player unlocks a new level, he will obtain 16 Rating of the current Cultivation (Ex: If you upgrade Life Force Cultivations, you will receive 16 Life Force Rating). Players can check their current amount by talking to the NPC and checking it at the top right


Players will need to meet these requirements in order to unlock other stuff:

  • Life Force: Character Path: Wanderer | Character Level 49
  • Battlefield: Character Path: Adventurer | Life Force Rating (Cultivation) 2080 required
  • Fire Plume: Character Path: Adventurer | Battlefield Rating (Cultivation) 2800 required

Required Materials

Players will exchange Excelsion, Fealty and Plumblossom Fruit for Character Cultivation. The amount you need will get higher the further you upgrade.

Plumblossom Fruit

You can obtain Plumblossom Fruit through 3 methods.

Tavern Shop

Closest and best one for quick Plumblossom Fruits, each Plumblossom costs 6 fealty. You can buy unlimited Fruits as long as you have enough fealty to do so.

Noble Treasure

You can get more Fruits at the Noble Treasure Vendor, located at the closest structure on the right (if you open the minimap). Players can buy 10 fruits for 6 fealty each in the Superior tab. Once you buy all Fruits; you will need to roll again, which costs you 12 fealty (price increases each time you re-roll the tab).

Pirate Chest

You have a chance of getting a Pirate Chest from the Guild Quest – Fishing Basket, it will require 2 players to open and they can reward you with a small amount of Plumblossom Fruits.


Life Force (Max at 100)

  • Physical Armor (+4 per level)
  • Magic Armor (+4 per level)
  • Max HP (+16 per level)
  • Max Mana (+16 per level)
  • Physical Damage (+1 per level)
  • Magic Damage (+1 per level)
  • Additional Healing (+1 per level)

Battlefield (Max at 70)

  • Physical Defense Break (+2 per level)
  • Magic Defense Break (+2 per level)
  • Hit (+2 per level)
  • Dodge (+2 per level)
  • Crit (+2 per level)
  • Parry (+2 per level)

Fire Plume (Max at 20)

  • Spell Resist (+2 per level)
  • Demon Break (+2 per level)
  • Defense Essence (+2 per level)
  • Break Essence (+2 per level)

Shifty Dodgy

A weekly event held at the guild’s Funland area. Only the guild leader can start the event. Make sure to plan your schedule around Shifty Dodgy if you wish to participate in it.

How to play:

  • Once Shifty Dodgy starts and until it ends, all guild members at guildbase, regardless if they are playing or not, will become participants of the game.

*Note:To make things easier for everyone, please try to avoid being afk or doing other things at the guildbase during Shifty Dodgy.

  • All guild members should come to the guild’s Funland area to make the event faster and easier for those playing.
  • There are 10 rounds, last up to 5 minutes per a round (max of 50 minutes). However, the guild leader has the power to start the next round before the 5 minutes are up.
  • The game is basically a Match 2/ Find the Pair type of game.  At the start of each round, a colored symbol will appear over your ingame avatar like the ones below. Your task will be to find other player with the same color symbol as you. The game will also tell you the name of your pair for the round as well. You can also use the magnifying glass next to the Round UI on top of the screen to find out who is your partner.

  • Once you find your partner for the round, make sure to move close to him/her. Then click on green banner icon with two bells located on the left center of your screen as seen below.

  • Once you click on the banner, a new screen will pop up. Click confirm and you will receive a new item (Shifty Dodgy) in your Bag.

  • Target your partner for the round, then go to your bag, and then click on Shifty Dodgy to use it. Shifty Dodgy will be consumed and both you and you partner will receive exp gain for 10 seconds.

*Note: Only one of the partners needs to use the item on the other partner for both partners to receive the exp and credit for the round. So its a good idea for the more veteran Shifty Dodgy player to use the item on newer players until they learn the ropes

*Note: Shifty Dodgy can be used on any players, but will only count for the game if its your named partner.

  • Rinse and repeat for remaining rounds and aim for the top spot each time.