Main page How to level fast from 1 to 49 in Revelation Online

How to level fast from 1 to 49 in Revelation Online

Revelation Online Leveling Guide: Made by Rain Guild. 

Hello, in this guide we will be covering our version to level quickly from level 1-45. The focus here is making you get to lvl 45 efficiently so you can start shrine god mode on the first day of launch. This guide covers most of the best time, experience quests and events.

Level 1-20

Make sure you purchase the VIP subscriptions (all of them [4]). The subscription also gives EXP pills everyday (save these pills just like you save ascension stones).

Do your main story quest (yellow) until level 20. NOTE: Do Not use your Acension Stones yet (experience stones). This stone gives experience based on your character level and you’re limited by how many you can use weekly (also based on character level). Use them on Saturday or Sunday (1 day before the weekly reset), this way you will be getting more EXP overall (because you will be a higher level by the end of the week or leveling process).

Level 20-30

NOTE: if you have lvl40+ players available in your guild who is willing to carry you through oneiric trials, do this first (scroll down to read about scour dungeon)

Find 4 other players and party up (full party). From this point on you will be with your party for the next few hours.

Bring your party to Darkfall and do the Green Darkfall quest (press U if you cant find the npc). This quest can be done twice. Do this quest two times with your party members.

Then look for a green quest called Sulan Exploration. Angela Baby will give you this quest.


Only the party leader shall accept the quest and turn in quests. Party members do nothing at all. Just follow your leader. Doing this weekly quest with a full party will give 4000 more experience, which will more or less triple your total exp gained if you soloed it.

This should get you to level 30 by now. If you haven’t reached level 30 by then, head over to Scour Dungeons (Oneiric Trials [if there is lvl40 players in your guild], Mecha [if there is lvl 60 players], otherwise go lvl your crafting and unlock scour dungeon monster increase passive until someone reach lvl40 to get carried on oneiric) and kill mobs with your party members until level 30.

Level 30+

There is another weekly exploration at level 30. Again this needs to be done with a full party. [if your rushing buy the exploration exp quest book from cash shop for +100% exp]


After you have completed this, press U, there should be a Daily Token section. Have the party leader teleport there using the Shoe icon and have the party leader talk to the NPC. The rest of the party will be teleported into the dungeon.


Once you have finished this. You can head over to scour dungeons and finish up your monster counts. Remember to use the teas you received from the quest to decrease the monster count. If you don’t have any, you can buy it at the NPC inside Sunken Ships near the portal. Also use your weekly double exp here.


You should already be level 35. If you are, do Guardian Trials (lvl35 misty hollows). Again, have the party leader teleport there and teleport everyone.


Once you have done that, you need to do the Level 35 Green bounty weekly quest. Again ONLY let the leader get the quest and complete it.

This weekly is pretty long! (It is about 30 rounds).



You can break up with your party here. Feel free to ditch them.

Do the guild daily quest (if your guild has a guild base, of course). Enter guild base from selected NPCs (or through quest tab). Once you finish guild daily quest, head over to the bulletin area at guild base and look for Exploration bulletins. These give experience as well.


REMINDER: Do NOT use your Ascension Stones yet (experience stones) use it on Saturday or Sunday.

Do the Disc Hop (jumping) Green daily quest.   **If you’re bad at jumping quests, you might want to skip this until later.**


After you finish this, do the daily road runner event (it is only available 12 hours a day. So depending on what time it is, this may not be up).


Once you hit lvl39, press U, and do the Trial of the Four Kings. [note if you do this at lvl40, you will be sent to a harder version which possibly resulting in a fail and lose exp. also by staying 39 the difficulty is much lower ensuring clearing of all possible floors]

Now do all your orange quests.

Once all your orange quests are done, you can start on the story (yellow) quests.

Note: at snowpine (bears vs winged folks) you will receive a purple quest asking you to join a side to participate in their conflict. This is related to faction war that is a weekly pvp event, please discuss with your guild on which faction. 

When all your story quests have been completed, you can press U and do everything there. Secret market, remaining trial of four kings tries, Hotsprings, ect. While you’re inside the hot spring go eat food, take a break, ect.

Once that is done, you need to do Daily Faction Green REP quests. You can access them by pressing it on the mini map or going pressing C–>faction. Click on each individual faction. You can use the faction honor you accumulated from these quests to buy 2 acension stones a week (exp).

When that is completed, do the rest of your Green quests in your quest tab (Press L—>available quests and take them all).

Do the weekly green quest, Old Qin – Handmade Equipment (this is 120 round quest).

Do weekly Merit Quest and choose “Guidance Exp” option reward.

Finally, do all your BLUE quests. Get them from the same way.

Once you have ran out of all quests AND did everything on U; you can use your Ascension Stones.

NOTE: save all of your “whimsey” pouches/consumables. After you have used your 30 Ascension Stones per week, it will require whimsey potions before you can use more stones. (ps. higher level yields you higher Ascension Stone cap, but you’re still gonna need whimsey potions if you want to reach this weekly cap). 

When you hit level 45, you will unlock Shrine God mode. No need to rush this, this is a weekly. Take your time and find a good party. You have three entries a week (reset at Sunday night or Monday). If you leave in the middle of the dungeon, it will use up your entry. If you get kicked, it will use up your entry. 

Level 49+

Rush for lvl50. You will unlock a ton of daily and weekly quests at 50.

From this point on, you need to do all daily and weekly. Do weekly dungeons with your guild and gear up.

Do not get into lvl60 bracket without full lvl59 set.

Do not get into lvl70 bracket without full lvl69 set.

Farming starts at this point. Once you have done all guild, daily, weekly quests, and dungeon entries, you need to start farming Adventure League.