The first big update for NA & EU servers coming soon! In this update we will see two new Road To Greatness activities: Faerie's Funland and Guilds vs Guilds pvp event called Starshatter Island.

Funland of Faeries

We all know that volopines just love to have a big party! If you don't then lets join them in their Funland - its an amazing amusement park where you can have fun without worrying of constant danger that awaits in a vast world of Nuanor. There will be many fun activities and great prizes for you to win!

You can learn more about Funland in this guide

Starshatter Island

Prepare your weapons, and gather your friends as this battle will require all you can muster! The portals to Starshatter Island opens and that land is rich with mines and precious ore, but no one wants to share do they?! So you will have to fight over it and take it all for yourselfs! And only the strongest guilds will get the best out of this, weak will have to take what strong shall leave them.

You can learn more about Starshatter Island in this guide