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Craft in Revelation Online

Guide Overview

This guide will cover the main aspects of the Revelation Online Crafting System, including Life Skills and the actual Crafting System itself. Which both of them are directly related and extremely necessary for your game play. This guide will provide you general information about the system and provide you useful tips for your game play.

Life Skills

Life Skills are extremely important for the progression of crafting. They can affect the amount of kills you have maximum in the Scour Dungeons, unlock a Resource Inventory, boost one of the Crafting Stats (will cover later on) and unlock the possibility to gather/craft other materials. The system is limited by your Diligence and Inspiration (not the character attributes under Ctrl + C) and they can be compared with Strength and Reasoning kind of.

Diligence and Inspiration

Every time you craft or collect materials, it will consume Diligence and Inspiration (some actions might consume more Diligence over Inspiration and vice-versa).

You won’t be able to do everything on one character because you get a limited amount of Diligence, Inspiration and Knowledge. Gathering and crafting share everything so if you gather too much you may not have enough Diligence, Inspiration or knowledge for crafting. It’s best to create two characters (one for gathering and one for crafting) or share tasks with a friend.

Crafting Attributes

There are 6 crafting attributes you need to pay attention as they affect all aspects of crafting. These can be found on the 3rd table of your character sheet (press C).

When an attribute is the Main Attribute of a crafting sub profession, it will increase its success rate, reduce the crafting time and give you a better chance at higher quality crafts. Crafting professions also uses a secondary attribute. This secondary attribute won’t confer any benefits but will also increase in value when that profession levels up.

Recovering PH and IQ

You will recover Diligence (PH) and Inspiration (IQ) by staying online. Every 6 minutes you recover PH/IQ.

Base recovery is 0.6. (Recovered = 0.6+ increased rate from STR or INT)

NOTE: There is premium service that recovers Diligence/Inspiration even if you are offline, it’s a must-get service.

There are also frogs that grant you 15 Diligence and Inspiration every 8 hours, here are their locations:

Social Level

Every time you level a gathering/crafting profession, it will provide you a certain experience towards the Social Level (located under Craft tab). There is also a Social Ranking which shows, obviously, the people with the most Social Level on the server. Each Social Level provides you +1 on every Crafting Stat.

Life Tree

NOTE: This does not have a fixed name (did not find any), but I have seen people call it Life Skill Tree, Crafting Tree, Knowledge Tree, etc.

This is one of the most important systems in Revelation Online. You can unlock various stuff that affects the Crafting System directly and it even affects your own game play. You can learn:

  • Additional Crafting Stats
  • System Functions (Warehouse, Resource Inventory, etc)
  • Profession Enhancements
  • Material Identification
  • Recipes

Secret Recipes

There are 3 ways you can obtain secret recipes such as this ones: Tough Cotton Thread or Beer:

To learn more watch this video guide:


Every time you learn something on the Life Tree, your knowledge will be consumed. The costs will be higher at higher levels, which can delay progression if not spent wisely.

You gain knowledge points every time you level a crafting/gathering profession. Once you reach the required points of knowledge, it will unlock the next tree branch with more nodes, skills, and passives.

Increasing Crafting Stats

There are several ways to increase your Crafting Stats, they will be listed below:

  • Each Social Level will provide you +1 to all crafting stats.
  • Each Profession Rank up will give an additional +1 to main and secondary crafting stats (corresponding to the profession).
  • Learning from Life Tree, up to +4 on a certain stat.
  • Crafting tools that increase stat to that specific craft.
  • Temporary buffs that provides you extra crafting stats.


There are currently 8 professions, every one with their own uniqueness and the ability to directly affect your game play style. There is no restriction on how many you can pick up (you automatically have every profession at Level 0) but I strongly recommend you to focus on 1 or 2 since the PH and IQ your character has is limited.

All professions have 2-3 sub-professions which will be described better once CBT 3 starts.


  • Health Potions
  • Character Stat Increase (Physical and Magical Defense/Attack, Critical, Critical Power, Immunity, etc)
  • Whimsy Potions (Appetite)
  • Potions to restore IQ
  • Potions that trade IQ for PH and vice versa


  • Equipment Billets
  • House Furniture
  • Siege Defense/Attack Weapons (Territory War)


  • Nail, gears and bolts
  • Billets for handcrafted weapons and accessories
  • Metal sheets and ingots
  • Furniture
  • Crafting Tools


  • Bags (up to 16 slot)
  • Billets for armors
  • Furniture
  • Repair Tools
  • Costume/Fashion


  • Food (Stats)
  • Wine (Hotspring, Special Skill, Stats)
  • Pasta (PH)
  • Tea (MP)


  • Wood (Felling)
  • Ores (Mining)
  • Herbs (Botany)


  • Fish (for cooking)

Treasure Hunting

  • Various Items (For character progression)

Leveling Professions

Once you reach level 9, 19, 29 and onward, in order to advance and keep leveling up your skill you need to complete a Curiosity quest. This will automatically trigger once you reach those levels. You can still continue to craft/gather, but you will not be able to level your skill up; which will block you from unlocking level 10, 20, 30 crafting recipes for example.

Master Crafter

After unlocking rank 30 or above, you will notice that some recipes/materials are locked unless you reach Obsidian Rank on certain Factions. To level Factions, read our General Knowledge page.

Crafting Tools

Crafting tools are items that provide you additional crafting stat. They are divided between Basic Tools and Advanced Tools

They both come with passive properties (that boost stats once you equip it) and active properties (triggers once you actually use the object, meaning it triggers while you gather something)

They can be changed between:

  • Additional success rate when crafting/gathering
  • Additional chance to get an unidentified product when crafting/gathering
  • Additional level on profession

You can change them by talking to the Life Skills NPC located in Sulan (bottom bridge).

Basic Tools

The ones you buy at the NPC  provide you a small boost on crafting stats, they are divided between Level 10, 20 and 30. You can also use more than one at a time (once you reach level 20 and 30 on the crafting/gathering skill).

NOTE: Cannot use the same tool at the same time (Ex: Level 20 + Level 20 tool), only one of a kind.

Advanced Tools

Crafted by players and provides you better boosts compared to the basic ones (obviously). They are divided between Level 15, 25 and 35 and you can also use them at the same time.

NOTE: Cannot use the same tool at the same time (Ex: Level 25 + Level 25 tool), only one of a kind.

Tool Repair

Important item that repairs your tools, mostly recommended to be used on Advanced Tools since the Basic ones are cheap and you can just buy another one. There are 2 versions of the item, the first one can only be used if the profession is under level 30.