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Interface & General Information

This Guide/FAQ is aimed at new players of Revelation Online. If you miss out on these tips and tricks, you will fall behind to players who know the basic information

Login Reward

DO NOT MISS THE FIRST WEEK OF LOGIN (upon character creation). The 3rd login is a level 41 gold weapon and the 7th login is a 3-star ultimate skill. If you miss a day, the reward login skips. If you miss any 1 of these 2, your character will be extremely behind. Also don’t miss the monthly login reward as well. No matter how “busy” you are, you got 1 minute to login and log out.

Types of Currencies

In Revelations, there are 4 different types of currencies: Gythil, Gyth Note, Ausgyth Points, and Cash Shop Credit.

Imperial Coins

The main currency used to buy and sell between players (stalls/auction). Used to purchase certain items such as mats and coupons/vouchers/tickets. Also used to help fund guilds.

*Imperial Coins can be used in place of Imperial Notes. Also will be used to exchange for Aurum (cash shop currency) once currency exchange comes out.

Obtainment: Mainly from quests, completing dungeons and selling to other players. And Guardian Order quests.

Imperial Notes

The general currency used to buy items from NPCs and used for operations such as repairing, upgrading, traveling, bag expansion, and guild creation.

Obtainment: Mainly from quests, dungeons, and events. You can also sell items to vendors for Imperial Notes.

Demonslayer Points

Probably the most important currency in game. Used to purchase items from special vendors. These items include backpack expanders, large backpacks, skill pages/seals, sharpening stones. Also used to unlock locked gear slots.

Obtainment: Obtain from Demon Slaying (Order of Guardians) quests/dungeons, PVP, weekly reward chests and cash shop chests. Also from leveling reward chests (check chest icon). Ausgyth Points are hard to come by as there is a cap on how much you can obtain per week so pay careful attention to how you spend them.

Aurum (cash shop currency)

Used to purchase Cash Shop items; examples are mounts, wings, cosmetics and services. Also can be used to buy items from the auction house.

Obtainment: Real Money or buy with Imperial Coins.

Bonus Aurum: Additional Aurum you get from purchasing regular Aurum. Different from regular Aurum as they will not be able to exchange between players.

Promo Aurum: Get them from special/limited-time promotions. Used to buy Promo Aurum items inside the store. Cannot be transferred, exchanged, or purchased.

Types of Quests

Throughout Revelation, you will encounter various different type of quests. Some mandatory for progression while others are optional but rewards players with huge amounts of experience, in game currency, faction rep, mats, and gear. You can see the type of quests available to you on the mini-map and over-world map if you have them toggled on. If you have problems with questing you can either read the description for more info or auto-path. Remember, auto-pathing is your friend.

Yellow: These are the first quests you will encounter in Revelations. These quests are the main story-line quests. You will need to complete them if you wish to progress through the main story. Completing these quests will often reward players with huge amounts of experience, gythil, consumables, and gear. These quests will have level requirements which you can see on your quest bar.

*Some of these quests are instanced and will require you to auto-path to get back into the instance zone.

Purple: These are the learning/training quests. These quests will teach players how to use the games various features including user interface (UI), hotkeys, gathering, exploration, banking, auctioning, and socializing. These quests may sometimes reward players with useful items like bag expand vouchers. Highly recommended for new players.

Orange: These are very important side quests that you will get while progressing through the main story quests. These quests will introduce you to your ultimate skills, soul grid, and gear crafting. You will be rewarded lavishly for your completion of these quests with valuable mats, soul grids, and soul crystals. Highly recommend to complete these quests as soon as possible.

Blue: These are faction quests (non-repeatable) that will help your faction rep corresponding to the proper faction. Recommended for players who want to get certain faction cosmetics as well as crafting mats.

Green: These are the daily and weekly quests that can be repeated. These quests include daily/weekly dungeons, mentoring, kill quests, and faction quests. Some of them are chain quests and may require players to travel from one place to another until completion. These quests provide players with a fair amount of experience, useful items, mats, and gythil. Players will need to complete green faction quests if they plan on winning the favor of a faction. Highly recommended for players to do these as soon as possible. Make sure to compete them before the daily/weekly resets.

Linking to Chat

You can link equipment to chat by holding SHIFT and then LEFT CLICK.

You can link your position (Coordinates) to chat: picture below.

Resetting Inventory/Bank Password

If you forgot your password, you can reset it (wipe it). It will take 7 days. This is a security to prevent hackers from taking your items. Press Esc –>game settings–>scroll down –>Clear password.

Character Stats

You can access the character screen by pressing C. For stats that are in %, higher level requires higher stats per %. 

Physical damage and Magic damage is the “final” damage. It is the damage you do to players/monsters literally. This stat is made out of magic/physical attack and physical/magic damage add-on.

Magic/physical atk: It comes from equipment such as weapons, accessories, ect  (not shown in C page).

Zeal/Force: This stat will convert % of your magic/physical atk into magic/physical damage. This is a “bonus/modifier” stat. So if u have 50 zeal, and you have 100 m.atk, you will gain an additional 50 magic damage.

Damage calculation (The stat you see on C page): m.atk (from equipment) + m.damage (from stats/equipment) + zeal modifer.

Hit: Accuracy %.

Crit: Crit rate %.

Crit Increment: Crit damage. Caps at 200% crit damage (can get more than 200%, but you wont hit more than 200%. Hardcores usually get 250%+ to counter crit reduction).

Physical Defense Break: Ignores physical defense. Caps at 75%. Again you can get more than 75% value to counter defense

Magical Defense Break: Ignores magical defense. Caps at 75%. Again you can get more than 75% value to counter defense

Physical Defense: Caps at 90%. Came from physical armor, physical defense, and brawn bonus

Brawn: Converts % physical armor into physical def.

Magic Defense: Caps at 90%. Came from magic armor, magic defense, and arcana bonus.

Arcana: Converts % magic armor into magic defense.

Defense/Break calculation: If you have 175% physical defense, and opponent has 75% physical break, it becomes result is 100% physical defense, but it caps at 90%. So final defense value is still 90% defense.

Healing: Came from magic atk and healing stat (usually from equipment).

Dodge: Dodge rate %

Crit Defense: Reduce crit rate % of opponent.

Crit Reduction: Reduce % crit damage of opponent.

Parry: % rate of parry.

Parry Bonus: Damage reduction when parried. Caps at 70%. (damage calculation is done after defense effects).

Special Skill: Ultimate skill power. Damage/healing of your special/ultimate (f1-f6 skills). Caps at 40%.

Special Skill Damage Reduction: Ultimate reduction. Decrease the damage of ultimates. Caps at 30%.

Same thing. If you want to really get 30% ult reduction, you will need to over stack since your opponent will have ultimate power.

Mana Wrench: Demon Break. Extra % damage done to monsters (from gems /guild stats).

Spell Resistance: Demon Defense. Extra % defense to monsters (from gems /guild stats).

Break Essence: Player Break. Extra % damage done to players (from gems /guild stats).

Defense Essence: Player Defense. Extra % player to monsters (from gems /guild stats).

Physical Damage Intensifier: Final physical damage increase in % (last in calculation process).

Physical Damage Reduction: Final physical reduction in % (last in calculation process).

Magic Damage Intensifier: Final magic damage increase in % (last in calculation process).

Magic Damage Reduction: Final magic reduction in % (last in calculation process).

Punishment: Damage increase dealt to elites + monsters.


Equipment Stats

Purple Stats: These stats are in the last line of equipment. They either give a proc effect, or increase the stat of the equipment. In the picture above, magic armor +48% ONLY applies to the equipment. These +% stat in equipment are all restricted to the equipment only. NOT character stats.

Tiers: These are called tiers. Gold equipment usually have 4 tiers. Each tier increases all the stats of your equipment by 5% (except purple). Tiers are upgraded using hematites. 4th tier needs to be unlocked using tier beads. Tiers can be upgraded using N button and  

4th tier needs to be unlocked by talking to equipment activator npc (usually next to refinement npc).

Ranks: Higher level equipment has higher ranks. Higher level gems require higher ranks. Higher ranks also unlock higher sharpening.

Sharpening/Enhance: Level 49 gears can go up to +10. While level 79 can go up to +16.


You can teleport to coordinates directly if there’s a shoe icon.

This is a passive skill and has a cool down. The skill is called Zip. Access it from N –>secondary tab. This cool down can be decreased with a guild’s building structure.


DPS/Agro/Healing Meter:

The game has all types of meters that allow you to keep track of who’s slacking off, who’s the casuals and who’s carrying.

Click on “Display Stats” at the top of your screen and you will get a window. The window has many options from damage, healing, and can display work done by boss, or by over all dungeon run.

Aggro meter is next to “Display Stats”, it is called Display Enmity. It is a separate window from dps meter.

Screenshot below:

Whimsy Pouch / Ascension Stone / Appetite

Eating Exp Stones/Ascension Stones cost 250 appetite per use. If you run out of appetite, you need to use whimsy pouches to increase your appetite before eating Ascension Stones. You can eat 30 Ascension Stones per week before needing whimsy pouches.

Weekly Double Exp:

Every week you get 1 hour of double exp for free from a npc. You are also allowed to pause the exp buff by talking to the npc. These npcs are found in every major town and inside scour dungeons near the entrance (or exit).


Aptitude Explanation

You can access the aptitude screen under C–>aptitude. Everyday you log in, you will get aptitude. How much aptitude you get is dependent on your level. The higher the level, the more aptitude you get. Aptitude points allow you to get bonus experience (mobs, quests, ascension stones, anything). Experience per aptitude is dependent on level as well. Higher  level will yield more experience per point.

If you have a lot of aptitude in store, system will allow you to use those aptitude faster by giving you triple or more bonus experience. This does not mean you gain more experience, you just use aptitude points faster, the experience gain is the same. For example, at lvl49 with 100 aptitude points, you will get triple experience until you hit 62 aptitude or less. But from 100 aptitude points –> 62, you have spent 38 aptitude points, which is 1,268,820 exp (38 x 33390). Please don’t be that guy who thinks you should stack aptitude points to get “more” experience.


Restoring Energy Bar on Mounts & Wings

All mounts and wings regardless of grade quality start with full energy bar (100). The energy bar will slowly decrease based on how much you use your wing/mount. At 20 energy points, your wing/mount will have -10% speed debuff.  At 95 energy you wing/mount will have +10% speed buff. Below 95 energy your wing/mount will have regular speed, until it is “hungry,” which you will get a speed debuff. To restore the energy points for your wing/mount, you will need to buy a wing pill or a riding pill from the wing vendor or mount vendor. Its highly recommended to carry at least 1-2 with you at all times.  You can find these two vendors in every major city. Below is the location in Sulan.

Changing Shop/Stall Name

Press N to setup the shop. It will cost 100 Gyth Notes to set up a shop. Once you setup the shop, make sure you have the setup stall icon on your skill bar. Click on the setup stall icon again. The shop name area should light up, now click on the pencil icon to change the name.

Tracking Down Players:

There are 2 ways of tracking down players (for whatever reason you wish to do so).

  1. Use the gold item called “Stalker Compass.” This item is from a quest that asks you to kill red players.
  2. The same npc who gives you the quest to kill players has a search function as well.


Removing Slayer Points

You can remove slayer points with 3 ways. For every minute you stay online, your slayer value will decrease by 1. The second way is to use Ausgyth Points at Ausgyth NPC to buy a book to remove slayer points. We do not recommend this method as Ausgyth Points are valuable and limited. The most popular method is to do the repeatable green quest “H-Help.” System will automatically give you this quest once you’re red. This quest requires you to kill 50 monsters and get 5 purple item drops. Picture below.


Special Skills and Skill Pages Usage

To unlock your 2-star and 3-star ultimate (special skills) you need to use special skill pages.


Use the purple special skill pages item to unlock 2-star ultimate skills from Immortal Apex NPC. By pressing C–>faction–>Immortal Apex

To unlock 3-star ultimate skills you need 20 pages of yellow special skill pages. You can either use Augsyth Points (2020 per page), use curious beads, or purple special skill pages to reduce the Augsyth Points cost. The shop below shows the special page option. You can also trade your Annex Voucher –> Purple Special Skill Page –> Golden Special Skill – Broken Seal


The Curious Event NPC is at Sulan. This raccoon will allow curious bead trade.


Unlocking Arcane Arts Paths

At level 49 you will unlock Arcane Arts under K. This allows you to further modify your existing skill effects (non ultimate). At level 49 you can only get 10 talent points. Talent points require Excelsior Experience Points, but you probably won’t have enough of that. Most players will use Character Experience Points to replace Excelsior (The relationship is the same as Gyth Note and Gythils).

Some paths of arcane arts are locked. To unlock you need to talk to your class’s skill trainer to purchase skill books with Annex Benediction.


Activing Double Experience Without NPC

If you have premium service, you can open the cash shop and active it manually without going to the NPC. Here is the tutorial

Open the Cash Shop (Top right, click the second item)

Click the Premium Tab

Click the Second Tab

Click Activate (insert the number 1 there) and then after that you can click Receive and freeze/unfreeze your exp buff.