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Spirit Shaper class in Revelation online

They are heirs to an ancient pact between the human and spiritual realms created by the Ancestral Dragon. Spirit Shapers harness the spectral forms of plant and beast to overwhelm enemies and heal allies. They uphold the spiritual realm’s guiding principles to protect civilization.

Spirit Shaper – is the main support class in Revelation online. In this amazing game he isn’t just a healer but also a summoner, who can summon different kinds of spirits to help his master in PvE and PvP. This is the most important class in any party, be those grind party, dungeon, raid boss or even siege party. But remember that Spirit shaper isn’t buffer in Revelation online he is mainly a priest-type class that heal and resurrect his allies.

This class has the lowest physical defense in game, so any party should do all in their power to keep him safe, otherwise he will meet an early demise. Also spirit shaper is probably the most entertaining class to play as his spirits are quite a spectacle to see: he can throw a penguin at his enemies, sic an reindeer, summon enormous bear, and do much more himself!

As far as PvP is concerned this is one of the strongest 1 vs 1 class in game, which is proved by top PvPers of Chinese servers being Spirit shapers. Also you can compare to other players of this class by how much you heal, which makes it more interesting to know who is truly the best support on server.

Difficulty: Normal


All skills stats below are shown as 1st lvl! on 1 level character!

Spirit Shaper's combat skills

Learned At
Spirit Bells
Causes a small amount of damage to enemy units
Causes 12 Thought Damage to enemies.
0.5 seconds
Spectral Magpie
Causes damage to the enemy and surrounding enemy units.
Causes 74 Spirit Damage to the enemy.
3 seconds
Firefly Hex
Puts a single enemy in a Fireflys Sorrow state.
Causes 16 Spirit Damage every 2 seconds. Lasts 6 seconds.
Enemy earns a Fireflys Sorrow state.
Fireflys Sorrow state: Continuously receives torture from a Firefly Hex and loses HP.
5 seconds
Essence of Spring
Heals you or a friendly unit by recovering a small amount of HP.
Recovers 14 HP for you or a friendly target.
Earns the target a Spring Inspiration state that lasts 10 seconds and can be stacked a maximum of 3 times.
1 seconds
Jumping Fish
Continuously causes Binding and damage to enemies within the specified area for 5 seconds.
Causes 41 Spirit Damage every second to enemies in range.
All enemies in the area will get a Binding state.
Binding state: Reduces movement speed by 50%
10 seconds
Falling Sakura
Heals you or a friendly unit by recovering HP.
Recovers 83 HP for you or a friendly unit.
3 seconds
Green Vines
Heals yourself and nearby teammates. Recovers HP.
At the same time it recovers 39 HP for you and nearby teammates.
Can spread a maximum stack of 1 Spring Inspiration to nearby teammates.
5 seconds
Respawns a friendly unit and recovers some of their HP and Mana.
Respawns a dead friendly target and recovers 10% of their HP and 5% of their Mana.
180 seconds
Moonlight Herald
Continuously recovers friendly targets HP for 3 seconds.
Recovers 40 HP every second.
10 seconds
Puts you in a Sanctification state that lasts 8 seconds.
Removes control effects and puts you in a Sanctification state.
When in Sanctification state you can use skills Charm Spirit Charge and Spirit Release.
After the Sanctification speed up effect ends it immediately recovers 10 of two types of Special Skill Points.
Puts you in a Sanctification state.
Sanctification state: Provides immunity from all control effects, reduces received damage by 50% and increases movement speed by 50%.
120 seconds
Spirit Shell
Gives you or a friendly unit Spirit Armor that can absorb damage.
Earns a Spirit Armor Shield for you or a single friendly unit.
Removes all negative effects from the target.
Puts you in a Spirit Armor state that lasts a maximum of 60 seconds.
Spirit Armor state: Absorbs a maximum of 80 of your received damage.
After the Spirit Armor that is attached to you gets destroyed it will Morph all surrounding enemies for 3 seconds.
Morph: Morphs into a random type of small animal. Movement speed is reduced 50% and Levity and skills can't be used.
20 seconds
Luxuriant Rush
Earns a Healing increase effect that also provides immunity for all control effects for you and all surrounding teammates.
You and your teammates earn a Growing Heart state that lasts for 3 seconds.
Growing Heart state: Healing effects earned while in a Growing Heart state will be increased 50% and you are immune from control effects.
You and your teammates earn a Shapers Heart state that lasts 1800 seconds.
Shapers Heart state: Recovers 1 HP and Mana every 5 seconds.
60 seconds

Spirit Shaper's Passive Skills

Spirit's Tenacity
Control the power of Atrophy and Flourish.
Each Fauna skill gives you 1 layer of Atrophy and renders Spirit Bells ineffective. The Atrophy state causes more damage to monsters, and each stack of Atrophy will increase Magic Damage Intensity by 2%. Using Flora skills will clear all Atrophy.
Each layer of Flora skill gives you 1 layer of Flourish and renders Essence of Spring ineffective. Each stack of Flourish increases Healing Enhancement by 2%. Using Fauna skills clears all nourish.
Savior's Veil
Increases Healing of you and all teammates within 30 meters by 8%.
Healer's Largesse
Every 10 points of Strength, Intelligence, Physique and Dexterity will add 60 to your maximum HP.

Spirit Shaper's Special Skills: Fauna

Deer Stampede
Causes massive Spirit Damage which penetrates Magic Defense to enemy units.

Causes 43 Spirit Damage.
Ignores 50% of the enemys Magic Defense.
10 seconds
Serpent Snare
Imprisons specified target and surrounding enemies for 6 seconds and causes continuous damage to them.

Causes 77 Spirit Damage every second.
Target and surrounding enemies are put in an Imprison state.
Imprison state: Can't move, use Levity or use skills.
30 seconds
Eagle Strike
Releases a Falcon straight ahead which knocks back and causes damage to enemies that it passes.

"Every hit causes 91 Spirit Damage"
30 seconds
Pummeling Yeti
Continuously causes knockdown and massive damage to all enemies in the specified area. for 5 seconds.

Causes 34 Spirit Damage to enemies in range every 0.5 seconds.
Every attack knocks down all enemies in range. Lasts 2 seconds.
font color= 66CD00>Knocks down:Can't move, use Levity or use skills.
30 seconds

Spirit Shaper's Special Skills: Flora

Natures Balm
Heals yourself and nearby teammates. Recovers a large amount of HP.

Recovers 113 HP for you and surrounding teammates.
10 seconds
Faeries Touch
Heals you or a friendly unit by recovering massive amounts of HP.

Recovers 287 HP for the specified target.
30 seconds
Radiant Whirlwind
Summons a Flower Spirit that continuously recovers HP and Mana for surrounding teammates. The Flower Spirit will exist for 30 seconds and can be attacked.

Recovers a certain amount of HP every 1.5 seconds for teammates in range.
Recovers a certain amount of Mana every 1.5 seconds for teammates in range.
30 seconds
Life Flow
Constantly moves forward for 10 seconds and continuously heals you and surrounding teammates to that a large amount of HP and Mana are recovered.

Recovers 97 HP for you and your teammates every second.
Recovers 4 Mana for you and your teammates every second.
The damage you receive during guidance is reduced 70% or the amount from other similar effects used at the same time whichever is greater.
During guidance you enter a Mercurial state.
Mercurial state: Control immunity skill
30 seconds