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Trial of the Four Kings in Revelation Online

Note: in essence of time. do this daily once every 3 days (under U it will say accumulated 3days)

This is probably the most important daily. Not only does this give a massive amount of experience, it is also a source for your purple Special Skill Pages and Ascension Stones. You also get ranked by your class and on how well you do. Top 20 players for each class will get rewards; top 3 will also get a Title and Back Accessory. Every week the ranking resets on Monday (3 a.m. CST).

Maximum regular points is 1000, however if you trigger achievements you will get a bonus of 200. Reaching a maximum of 1200 (last floor gives 1000 + 600 (achievement). Each floor’s achievement triggers in a different way. You start losing points from your regular 1000 points after taking too long to clear a stage or taking hits (again each floor is different, but this is the general rule of thumb). Maximum possible points is 18400.

Here’s a complete rundown of all possible Trial Stages. Note: For future Trials (Red & White) the stages will be randomized, but the same rules will apply.

Floor 1:

Mushroom People: Kill the Female Mushroom first. Then wait 1 second and then kill the Male Mushroom.

Seaman Tribe: Must kill all 4 within 10 seconds.

Little Layla/Flamboyant Man: Kill them while not getting hit by their attacks/skills.

Floor 2:

Bear Beast: Make the boss die from the surrounding thunder fields (He does a charge attack, dodge that to make him hit thunder fields).

Pig: Focus solely on the Boss and DPS him down; ignore the adds/minions.

Frog: At the start of the stage, run immediately underneath the Boss and wait until all the adds/minions gather to you. AoE them down. Then wait for a bit and run out of the area. Wait for the adds/minions to finish up the Boss.

Floor 3:

Energy Spheres/Balls: Get to the chest within 10 seconds while avoiding the spheres/balls.

Era Arachna (Spider): Dps the Boss down to about 1% (if possible). Wait until Boss spawns another copy of himself. Kill them immediately.

Treasure Floor:

Please see section below.

Floor 4:

Named Target: Locate the named target. Kill him within 10 seconds; do not touch any of the other mobs. The named mob spawns near you and in the outer circle.

*Note: Being able to locate the target quickly is key here.

Rebel Elites: Must kill them at the same time. 1 good AOE skill should do the trick.

Northern Wolf Tribe: AOE down both the Boss and the adds; at 25-30% hp, the mobs will turn friendly and begin attacking the boss. Finish off the Boss while all the adds are alive.

Floor 5:

Wild Rocklings (Rock Bombers): Round up all the adds and then AoE them down. They will start to explode and kill one another (each explosion must occur within 5 seconds). Boss and mobs need to die within this chain of explosion.

Shield Golem: DPS boss down until he is low; wait for the Boss put up his shield and then finish him. Recommend using your special/ultimate skill here.

Seaman Tribe: Your focus here is to kill the boss. If you kill any of the minions they will become your ally and become target-able by the Boss; must not let any of them die.

Floor 6:

Random Class: It spawn a random boss corresponding to the game’s classes. Kill the Boss.

*Note: You will only be able to get the achievement if it’s your class.

Floor 7:

Evil Notion & Kind Notion (Dark/Light Angels): Must kill the Dark Angel before the Light Angel dies.

Floor 8:

Redstones (Rolling Golems): Kill the catapults first, then kill the 3 adds/minions, and then the Boss.

*Note: Use the catapult at the corner of the map to get an immune to CC buff.

Floor 9:

Scarab Titan: Get 4 stacks of a buff from the Boss and then kill him. You can dodge around until you get 4 stacks of the buff.

Treasure Floor:

Please see section below.

Floor 10:

Regardless of which Boss spawns; must kill them while they use their special/ultimate skill.

Floor 11:

High Priest Wraith: Must kill Boss within 20 seconds. Boss won’t attack until 20 seconds are up.

Dragonclaw Gorus: Must kill him when he uses his special/ultimate skill that sends 3 claws. If he starts to dash around, it indicates that you failed.

Floor 12:

Cruel Monarch (Shrine Boss): Must kill him when Boss does his red circle special/ultimate skill (you will see red circles on the ground) and be at least within 10 meters of the Boss.

Floor 13:

Attack of the Clone: Pick up one of the 2 orders depending on which difficulty you want to do. You will be fighting yourself now. Show your Clone why the original is better by defeating him/her.

*Note: Pick green orb for normal difficulty, but will only give 200 achievement points.

*Note: Pick purple orb for hard mode, which gives 600 point achievement points.

*Treasure Floors:

Chests: Open all chests ( 8 regular, 4 large and 2 grand) within the 1 minute time frame. Ignore the adds/minions if you can by dashing. Once you used up your dash bar, you can kill the minions. You also can use skills to get around.

Note: The two grand chests will spawn at the very corners of the stage (one next to the NPC and one diagonally from the NPC). Use this info to plan according to the order in which to open your large chests.

Gremlins: Take the 2 buffs (1 on the ground and 1 on top of the platform) ASAP. Kill the adds/minions while getting your buffs; finish off the adds/minions after you get the 2 buffs. Then kill the Boss in center.

Note: It’s wise to charge up your special/ultimate skills bars here for next stage.