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Starshatter Island in Revelation Online

General info about Starshatter Island:

  • Opens every Tuesday: 20:00 – 21:00
  • Upon entering, all players’ levels are adjusted to 79.
  • Killing other players while inside this area will not increase player’s slayer value.
  • This is a guild vs guild area. Where the purpose is to control resource points (mine crystals).
  • Gather up your alliance and fight and fend off vicious monsters as well as other guilds from taking the resources.
  • There is a conquest mode which requires certificates to enter. This mode will not adjust player levels.
  • You can press the U button during Tuesday to bring up the menu.

Rules of Starshatter Island:

  • Each instance of starshatter can hold up to 400 players (system will create more instances if needed)
  • only up to 60 players from the same guild can enter the same instance
  • kill players and gathering resources each award 1 point.

Few tips about Starshatter Island:

Once inside you will have access to the current situation/current status of the starshatter island. It contains statistics regarding points of all the guilds, as well as how your guild is doing. This window also tells you which guild(s) are controling the 4 mining resource points.

Like Deathly Atoll, once you die, you will have the option of choosing where you want to respawn. Click on the Blue angel icon to respawn. While the 4 corners are the mining resource control points.

Outside of the 4 mining control points. Random crystals can also drop from the sky, where the players can mine. Before mining you need to accept a quest.