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Open Beta Announced!

Early access open beta will start on the 27th February for those who bought it, full release will be on the 6th March. Sadly the game will be available only in English at first, cause there is just SO MUCH content to translate that it takes too much time, french and german clients gonna be available somewhen in march. But as sad as it is my.com will try to make game available for french and german speaking people right away, by introducing transfering tool, that they can use to transfer their characters later when french and german servers gonna be up. More about transfer will be revealed when said servers release date nears.

Name Reservation

And of course we cannot go not mentioning long-awaited reservation of names feature. On the 14th February all Deluxe pack owners can reserver a nickname ahead of all other players by 48hours. And on 16th february at 00:00 CET (15:00 PST) all other people that bought early access will be able to reserve nickname.