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Deathly Atoll in Revelation Online

Join the fight over spirits of darkwater dwellers! This is a pretty amazing daily activity as its created for guilds to participate in. The endgoal here is to complete 2 quests:

  1. Darkscale Spirit
    Darkscale Spirit Essence 1; Darkscale Stone 1; Damaged Treasure Map 2; Pirate Silver 1
  2. Pirate Loot
    Ascension Essence 1; Darkscale Stone 1; Treasure Map 1; Pirate Silver 1

The place to take quests and shop with pirate silver is here

And here is the NPC that gives you both those quests

NPC Rip Mogo

You can manage to do both quests solo, if you are lucky enough so other players won't touch you, but most of the time, especially doing Darkscale Spirit quest, all players in there will be after your head, so its gonna be quite difficult to manage. So we recommend to go there with your guildmates(or just in party of your friends) to not only finish this quest but to have as much fun as possible! But keep in mind these quests are available only from 19:00pm to 24:00pm.

Darkscale Spirit

For this quest you need to gather 3 spirits:

Darkscale Spirit

This orbs drop from mobs in this location, you can either kill them and gather 3 spirits or you can steal them from other players, when you have 3 spirits gathered you will have this above your character's head

Now you need to deliver them to one of the NPCs inside, on picture below you can see all NPC's spots:

NPC Pirate Supply Officer spots

You will deliver to this NPC:

NPC Pirate Supply Officer

but be careful as all players carrying spirits are easy to spot and are always in danger, so either be really sneaky and fast or have your friends defend you.

Pirate Loot

In this quest all you have to do is find pirate crates and bring them to one of the NPCs inside, thus completing it, but be careful as other players may kill you and steal your crate to deliver it themselfs(or just so you won't do it).

Here are all crates spots on minimap(rhombus symbols on map):

Crates spots for Pirate Loot Quest

They look like this:

Crates for Pirate Loot Quest

And you will need to deliver them to one of the NPCs here:

NPC Pirate Supply Officer spots

He looks like this:

NPC Pirate Supply Officer